Backstage Heat On Tommy Dreamer, Full Details Inside

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Tommy Dreamer told CM Punk that he could work ROH's date last Sat. with the conditions of he couldn't be advertised, he couldn't job, he couldn't wrestle or be involved with anyone from TNA, and it could only be a one time thing. From there Dreamer left to do an indie date in England. He didn't tell anyone else in WWE that he gave Punk permission including Johnny Ace.

The situation "exploded" at Raw on Monday. Vince and Steph went up to Ace and gave him a bunch of heat asking him why he let a member of WWE appear on a show with "so many TNA stars". Even though a lot of the wrestlers by this time knew that Punk did the ROH show (as well as it being on the net), Ace was said to be "blindsided" by the McMahon's approach. All the heat then went to Punk and he told them Dreamer approved of it, so then Dreamer got the final heat. According to sources, guys like HHH, HBK, Hayes, and even Arn Anderson have been all over Punk about his work rate. Anderson goes along with HHH and says that Punk "copies" a lot of popular moves from Japan. The feeling is Punk's relationship with Maria "doesn't help matters".

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