Backstage Notes From RAW, More News & Notes

WWE actually placed two independent wrestlers in the first row prior to the main event involving Rob Van Dam, Triple H, & The Big Show. The two were placed in the crowd so no fans got injured during the spot where RVD jumped off the ring apron into Big Show's arms.

As announced on RAW last night, Vince McMahon will offer Marty Jannetty a full-time contract where he'll basically trash his personal life as of late, similar to that of what happened with Ric Flair.

Another Hall of Fame Inductee will be announced next week on RAW and each week after that until WrestleMania 22.

In their continued effort to promote WWE as a big 'news' site, WWE posted a graphic at the end of RAW this week stating "For more on RAW, visit" followed by the copyright logo. Always keep in mind that is work/shoot depending on the actual article.

Next weeks RAW show will be a combined RAW and SmackDown! taping from the MCI Center in Washington, DC. They will tape SmackDown! first followed by the live RAW which will air as usual on the USA network.