Big JBL Update: Injury, WM22 Match With Benoit & More

Over at the WWE website features an update on JBL's condition following surgery to repair a broken hand with a displaced bone. JBL suffered the injury earlier this week at the SmackDown tapings competing in a six man tag team match.

There is a video on the website from the surgery, featuring comments from JBL and his doctor. The video can be seen at

In the video, JBL is claiming that Chris Benoit tried to end his career by injuring his hand, hinting that they'll be fighting at WrestleMania. Neither JBL nor Chris Benoit is booked for another match against each other. WrestleMania 22 would be a great place for both participants to go at it against each other. JBL also said, to end a guy's career, you have to do more than go after someone's hand.

The doctor is quoted as saying JBL's hand is injured, however they want to get him back doing what he does ASAP.

Apparently a WWE source said that the surgery seemed to go well, giving an indication that the injury isn't serious enough to keep him out of WrestleMania.