WWE.com has put up a poll based on the idea that ‘Love Stinks.’ You can vote on 15 different moments from WWE history based on love gone wrong, including: Linda in a coma while Vince and Trish made out in front of her, Chyna seeing Eddie Guerrero on GTV with Victoria (at the time she was one of the hos,) Stephanie finding Triple H ‘training’ with Trish, and practically every wedding segment in WWE history. The winning moment will be presented on Valentine’s Day during “The Val Venis ‘Love Stinks’ St. Valentine’s Day Sucktacular” webcast.

“Foley Is Blog” is now available on WWE.com, where Mick Foley talks about anything and everything.

Speaking of blogs, Mike “The Miz” Mizanin now has another diary on WWE.com. In it, he talks about his Hooters experience this past Sunday while watching the Royal Rumble.

Several new items have been added to WWEShop.com. Several Rey Mysterio replica masks in different colors have been added in conjunction with his win at the Royal Rumble. Several replica championship belts, which I think have already been available at least in other markets, have been added including the classic WCW Championships and the Winged Eagle WWE Championship (with WWE logos of course.) A new RVD ‘Mr. Monday Night’ T-shirt is available due to his return and the version 4 Superstars T-shirt is now available as well with Angle and Cena as Champs. Finally, the New Year’s Revolution DVD and DVD/T-shirt package are now available for pre-order.

New WWEAuction items have been added as well, including signed items by Rey Mysterio from the Royal Rumble and Trish’s Referee Shirt. Chirsty Hemme’s signed top from the SummerSlam carwash is also up once again since they had a problem with the previous winner.

WWE had been promoting Stacy Keibler’s television appearances on “Dancing with the Stars” since week one, however, they didn’t promote Stacy or the show this week on WWE.com. Or on Raw for that matter earlier this week. Apparently, WWE pulled all pictures and videos of Stacy on “Dancing with the Stars” from her superstar section. There had been picture and video galleries in her section, but the links were removed as early as Wednesday. Also, there is not a single mention of her appearances on “Dancing with the Stars” to be found anywhere on the company website. Every single Thursday night, WWE.com would leave a direct link that goes to ABC.com’s “Dancing with the Stars” voting page. They’d leave the link up overnight and into Friday morning. Officials behind the show more than likely asked WWE to stop directly linking WWE fans to the “Dancing with the Stars” voting page. Show officials probably thought that WWE’s motive would give Stacy an unfair advantage over the other contestants as they didn’t have a mega-popular website to promote their appearances or to help tally up votes like Stacy did. According to Alexa.com, WWE.com is the 482th most popular website on the web. Also, “WWE” was the fourth most searched subject on Lycos.com last week.

Today in Pro Wrestling history, Vince McMahon announced he was creating the XFL (Xtreme Football League) to debut the following year on NBC. The concept was that the games would be held on Saturday and Sunday nights, and that the season would begin the week after the Superbowl. XFL closed down on May 10, 2001 after NBC cut the show due to low ratings. Vince McMahon tried to get the show on UPN, however, they demanded that WWE SmackDown! had to be cut down from 2 hours to 1 and a half hours. Vince McMahon turned down the offer and the XFL was never heard from again.

“Kiss Demon” Dale Torborg and Chicago White Sox player AJ Pierzynski were in attendance visiting at the Impact taping last Tuesday night.

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