Cappotelli Update, Benoit, WWE Creative Team, Warrior Lawsuit, More


For those unaware, Last night at the OVW tapings Matt Cappotelli surrendered the OVW Heavyweight title. Cappotelli, who is 26, handed back the title to back to Danny Davis, saying that he can't do the title justice because he can't defend it due to his condition. Cappotelli continued on with a very emotional speech, explaining that he does indeed have brain cancer. His doctors told him, on a scale of one-to-four, four being the worst, that his cancer was a two. He is looking at his options, but he will likely be undergoing surgery, and likely chemotherapy as well. He said that his future was unsure, and doctors told him it was too soon to determine whether he would wrestle again. The building was in tears as the wrestlers surrounded the ring, and Cappotelli had to stop several times to compose himself through prayer. When he finished all of the wrestlers got in the ring with him. The taping ended at 10pm and Cappotelli stayed for hours exchanging numbers and email addresses with almost the entire crowd. The speech will air on the OVW TV this weekend. is expected to have footage of Cappotelli's speech from last night's OVW taping.

Some big name stars are expected in for the Deep South TV Taping this evening. Chris Benoit's name is at the top of the list since he lives in Atlanta.

Dusty Rhodes, who is on the creative team, was in Deep South yesterday, and will be in OVW today evaluating talent.

WWE developmental diva Krissy Vaine has purchased the trademark on her name. Vaine and Kevin Matthews are both headed to Georgia, as they have been assigned to Deep South.

Warrior Warrior's lawsuit over his self-made documentary, "Always Believe" is still going on. The accused, Andrew Wright moved for the case to be dismissed on Feb. 1st for lack of jurisdiction since it's filed in Arizona, where he does not live, hasn't visited, and has never done business in. Warrior Warrior resides in Arizona. The judge hasn't ruled on this as of yet.