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Below are the best selling DVDs and Books (based on's rankings as of this morning. *indicates product has not yet been released, based on advance orders):


1. UFC Classics Volume 1 (968)
2. UFC Classics Volume 2 (1,249)
3. ECW's Most Violent Matches (1,500)*
4. Royal Rumble (1,921)*
5. The Bret Hart story (1,956)
6. Ultimate Fighter season one (3,230)
7. Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior (3,444)
8. UFC 54 Liddell vs. Horn (3,837)*
9. Survivor Series (3,894)
10. The Superstar Billy Graham story (4,048)

1. Heartbreak and Triumph by Shawn Michaels (3,776)
2. Cheating Death, Stealing Life by Eddie Guerrero (5,017)
3. Tangled Ropes by Superstar Billy Graham (10,064)
4. Are We There Yet? by Robert Caprio (21,509)
5. Brawl by Erich Krauss (23,702)
6. Making the Game by HHH (29,887)
7. Death of WCW by Bryan Alvarez and R.D. Reynolds (32,132)
8. Broken Harts by Martha Hart (32,462)
9. Wrestlecrap: The Very Worst of Pro Wrestling by R.D. Reynolds (42,471)
10. In the Pit with Piper by Roddy Piper (49,301)
11. Forgiven by Vince Russo (55,885)
12. More than Just Hardcore by Terry Funk (62,995)
13. WWE Unscripted by Ken Leiker (70,942)
14. King of the Ring by Harley Race (72,231)
15. Bobby the Brain by Bobby Heenan (73,434)
A note is that DDP's yoga book is at 5,697


There s a new episode of the Coachcast on This time the guest is new Cruiserweight champ Gregory "Don't Call Me Shane" Helms.

Christy Hemme will be at of the Super Bowl on PPV during the Lingerie Bowl.