Christy Hemme-WWE, Stacy Keibler, No Way Out, & More

– The National Ledger ran an article today on Stacy Keibler s decision not to pose for playboy, and not getting the role in the James Bond film.

– Nascar s website has an article up using WWE as part of a comparison with Tony Stewart. Here s an excerpt: He was beating, banging, wrecking, pushing TV cameras out of the way. It was like the champ had done a WWE-like heel turn and changed characters for the third time like The Undertaker. All that was missing was a chair shot and Vince McMahon screaming, "Why Smoke, Why?"

– The Del Rio News-Herald ran a story today on last night s No Way Out PPV. Chris Sokol of SLAM Wrestling in Canada also wrote an article reviewing the PPV.

– Christy Hemme is still listed as a SmackDown star on UPN s website. (Thanks to liltroy251 for passing that along.)