Cyber Sunday PPV, ECW PPV Date Confirmed, Hogan & More

Thanks to readers Darren Kane, Paul Curtis & DSFB for sending in these news items:

I was at the Memphis wrestling show Saturday night, 2/4/06, and met Tommy Dreamer and got an autograph from him. He was very professional as well talkative to the fans, he even told me about his identical twin daughters. I enjoyed meeting him very much. I was lucky enough to get his and Jimmy hart's autograph that night. Both guys were great with the fans. The reason I am writing this, is to tell that Tommy Dreamer and Jerry Lawler had a hardcore ECW cage match as the main event. It was a great match to the end with Lawler playing a major heel through the whole show, which surprised me being we where so close to his home town. At the end of the match, they were fighting outside the cage, and Lawler did something with fire, I could not see exactly what because I was seven rows back on the other side of the ring. Dreamer went back in the ring holding his face. (I thought, at the time, it was all storyline.) Then Lawler got the pin and won the match with A LOT of heat from the crowd. I went to try and get Lawler's autograph and while on the way there, they called for help in the ring and Dreamer was still laying there. They called several times and this was after most of the people had left the arena. Which made me think it may have been a legit accident. After a while, Dreamer was helped out of the ring by several of the other wrestlers and other workers and security people. He was walking through the arena leaning on some of them with a black towel on his head. There were curtains covering the stairs to the dressing room but you could see the wrestlers going there. It took him a long time to get up the stairs and he crawled up a few of them. If his injury was fake this guy needed an academy award for selling it. I kept thinking with so few of us fans left there, why would he still be selling an injury so hard? I am a huge wrestling fan and I know about the kayfabe and so on, but I really think that this main event match did not go as planned and that Tommy Dreamer was injured. Other than that, it was a great match, as well as, a good show with a great price. The place was full and they had to bring out chairs for floor seats.

Just thought I d pass along some info on the WWE "Cyber Sunday" Trademark. I attended the Royal Rumble and they were handing out 2006 PPV schedules, it appears there will be no "Taboo Tuesday" this year and Cyber Sunday will be the PPN with the same concept this year on Sun November 5, it also confirms a ECW PPV on June 11.

Here in the UK, there is a program called The Friday Night Project. A part of the show involves Debra Stephenston going out and 'celebrity' spotting-although they are just people who look like them. Anyway in the latest episode, Debra spotted somebody who looked like Hulk Hogan, and asked him if he had anything to say to his HULKAMANIACS. The guy was actually South African and didn t understand what was going on. He said to his Hulkamaniacs Go to South Africa .