DDP News, Trish Stratus, New WWE Hire, & More

- Diamond Dallas Page has posted an interesting tale on his official website where his Mac PowerBook got wet somehow during a flight. Unfortunately, DDP, who is a public speaker, had his first big corporation presentation the next day in front of 1500 people, and the presentation was on the computer. Visit DDPBang.com for more.

- The infamous documentary, "The Unreal Story of Professional Wrestling," will be airing at 3 p.m. on A & E later today. This program was made over the course of 1997 and 1998.

- WWE.com have posted an interview with Trish Stratus in regards to the fans selecting her to be the Divas 2006 Lingerie Special cover girl. Trish notes that she's worked hard to establish a "Trish Stratus brand.

- WWE has hired Mark Monitor to monitor the sale of WWE goods on eBay. They're going after people who sell tapes in particular.