Jerrelle Clark Speaks On TNA's Backstage Mood, TNA/Primetime & More

Interview With: Mr. 630, Jerrelle Clark
Interview By: Andy Steven
Date: February 15, 2006

Andy Steven: Firstly I would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to take part in this interview for

How did you break into the wrestling business?

Mr. 630, Jerrelle Clark: I went to college on a wreslting scholarship. However, they cancelled the wrestling program but allowed me to keep my scholarship and I wanted to stay involoved. so I decided to coach at a local high school. There was a student who's father knew that I loved pro wrestling, so we made a deal, I gave his son a lot of one on one amatuer help and his father, Jeremy McCullough, would train me professionally.

Andy Steven: Did TNA officials contact you to join TNA or did you contact them?

Mr. 630, Jerrelle Clark: Initially I asked for a dark match in '03 and I wrestled Elix Skipper in a great match. A month later, TNA officials saw me at a wreslting convention and contacted me about doing a ppv shot with El Fuego against Sonjay Dutt and Eric Young. After that I did a number of Xplosion matches until they moved to Orlando where I was contacted aobut coming in as a tag team with Mikey Batts and the rest is history.

Andy Steven: How did you come up with the 630?

Mr. 630, Jerrelle Clark: I have been doing gymnastics for over 25 years now. I also competed in diving competitions when I was younger. One day I ran the idea of it past a previous partner and totally forgot about it. Later we were training and he brought up the idea again so we broke out the crash pads and you see the end results today.

Andy Steven: How did you pull off the 630, rather then the original 450, which is easier?

Mr. 630, Jerrelle Clark: I jumped really hard and high. It just comes natural to me.

Andy Steven: Have you ever done the 630 incorrectly and injured either yourself or someone else with it?

Mr. 630, Jerrelle Clark: I have broken my thumb doing it, other than that, outside of knocking the wind out of people (which I believe is the whole point), I have never seriously injured someone.

Andy Steven: What do you think about TNA moving to Thursday night's on Spike TV? Possible competition for WWE?

Mr. 630, Jerrelle Clark: Great opportunity to step up their game. Whether people want to believe it or not, TNA is competition for WWE. We are in the same business and are fighting for viewers.

Andy Steven: How did you get paired up with Mikey Batts? If you had to choose another partner in TNA right now, who would it be?

Mr. 630, Jerrelle Clark: When TNA contacted me about a tag team, they asked me who I thought would make a good team with me. I was given 2 options and I chose Mikey because he showed a lot of promise and desire.

Andy Steven: Are there any funny or scary road trip moment in your wrestling career which you could tell us?

Mr. 630, Jerrelle Clark: There are too many to think of but the best ones are off limits because the guys that are involved all claimed sacred when they happened. lol

Andy Steven: What was your favorite match up-to-date?

Mr. 630, Jerrelle Clark: My 2 singles matches with AJ Styles and the 6 man scramble from Slammiversary only for the fact that TNA let me go all out in that match.

Andy Steven: Who are your best friends backstage and also in the business?

Mr. 630, Jerrelle Clark: Backstage would have to be AJ, Elix and David Young. I get along with everyone though because I'm an outgoing person.

Andy Steven: What is the atmosphere backstage in the TNA locker room?

Mr. 630, Jerrelle Clark: Everyday is a different experience. Not everyone is happy all the time so things vary. But it seems very relxed lately. As of last night (2/14/06) everyone seemed very excited about the primetime opportunity that TNA is getting.

Andy Steven: What stars do you think will help the company more, any big heavyweight names or light division?

Mr. 630, Jerrelle Clark: It just comes to the right time and place and personality. TNA will decide on who they want and need.

Andy Steven: What impact do you think new stars like Christian Cage, Sting and so on have made to the company, have any other stars caught your eye?

Mr. 630, Jerrelle Clark: They have broadened our fan base. More people are buzzing now than ever before. TNA can only grow with star power like they currently have.

Andy Steven: What next big name do you most likely see come to TNA next?

Mr. 630, Jerrelle Clark: I have no clue, I stay away from spreading all the internet hoopla.

Andy Steven: When was the last time you watched the WWE, what do you think of their shows?

Mr. 630, Jerrelle Clark: I skim through it every now and then. I don't watch for the angles because I just do get the entertainment aspect they are trying to portray.

Andy Steven: When do you think you'll see X Division Gold around your waist?

Mr. 630, Jerrelle Clark: No clue, it may or may not happen. just have to wait and see.

Andy Steven: Are you currently accepting Indy bookings? If you are how can we contact you?

Mr. 630, Jerrelle Clark: I can currently be reached at for any questions you may have about indy bookings.

Andy Steven: I would like to thank you very much once again for taking this time to take part in this interview for, I wish you the best of luck in the future and do you have any messages to say to your fans?

Mr. 630, Jerrelle Clark: I would like to thank all the people out there that ahve supported me this far. I see big things happening for me in 2006. Just keep your eyes open as there are many places I may pop up in the coming months. You can stay informed by checking out my site at, thank you and keep supporting your local indy!

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