Jim Duggan-WWE Update, Test News, More Inside

There is said to be talk within WWE about making Hacksaw Jim Duggan a returning character on TV and even possibly part of a tag team with Goldust. Of course, nothing has been finalized yet as it is just early talk.

Former WWE Superstar Andrew "Test" Martin lashed out at WWE in a recent posting on his official site. He primarily comments on his disgust of WWE using Eddie Guerrero's death in storylines, and praises Stacy Keibler's success on Dancing with the Stars.

Joel Maximo of the popular SAT tag team on the independent scene was hospitalized yesterday in Queens, New York after being stabbed in the stomach after an attempted mugging. Maximo spoke with Mike Johnson about the situation and stated he was with independent wrestler Xavier when they were confronted by three would-be muggers in Bushwick, Brooklyn. According to Maximo, when one of the muggers attempted to get Maximo and his belongings, he started "swinging" and then felt pressure in his abdomen, realizing he had been stabbed several times. Xavier called an ambulance and Maximo was taken to a hospital in Queens where he underwent surgery to repair his abdominal muscle. Maximo is expected to be released as early as today and will have staples removed in two weeks.

The upcoming MTV-Big Vision pro wrestling TV pilot (which is rumored to be titled "Wrestling Society X") that will be taped today in Los Angeles is scheduled to feature Matt Sydal vs. Jack Evans. This is the only known confirmed match for the taping. Others still involved include Sean Waltman, Teddy Hart, New Jack, Vampiro, PJ Polaco (formerly Justin Credible), Lizzy Valentine and Altar Boy Luke. Dark matches already confirmed include Puma vs. Tommy Williams, Human Tornado vs. Delirious vs. Luke and Disco Machine, Joey Ryan & Topgun Talwar vs. Scorpio Sky, Zokre & Phoenix Star. According to reports, the show will feature a live punk band and is expected to fill a 30 minute timeslot once everything is taped and finalized in post-production. The show will be taped at a warehouse converted into a soundstage.