Loads Of Post WrestleMania 22 Plans Revealed; Big Spoilers

Matches announced for WWE's post-WrestleMania tour of England seem to indicate the following things.

- The John Cena vs. Triple H feud will likely continue.
- Edge and Ric Flair will likely begin a program together.
- Shelton Benjamin and Rob Van Dam will likely begin a program together, possibly over the WWE Intercontinental Title.
- Mickie James will likely work as a heel with Victoria and Candice Michelle.
- Jamal will likely be on the main RAW roster.
- Chavo Guerrero will likely be moved to RAW and work as a face.

- A program involving Kurt Angle vs. Randy Orton vs. Rey Mysterio will likely be the top program.
- Chris Benoit and Mark Henry will likely begin a program over the WWE U.S. Title.
- MNM will likely remain WWE Tag Team Champions.
- Dalip (Giant Singh) will likely be part of the Smackdown roster.

Of course, plans can and often do change so keep that in mind. The above is based on the matches that WWE has announced for their tour of England and that card itself can change at any point.

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