Lots More WWE News: Tazz Announcement, Torrie/Kidman, SNME, More

Last night, during the Dancing with the Stars Results Show, husband and wife, Billy Kidman and Torrie Wilson were spotted in the front row. [Thanks to Chris Grebe of Palm Springs, CA]

CableWorld.com has a story talking about how Spike TV. One of the items looked at how they have fared since WWE has left.


PWInsider notes that the announcement Tazz will make tonight is that they will be doing a second ECW PPV in June in New York City.

WWE.com has added the graphic featuring the Saturday Night's Main Event logo. Smackdown wrestlers will be appearing on the show. The original plan was to just limit the talent appearing on the show to the wrestlers from Raw because the Smackdown wrestlers appear on a rival network.

The latest editions of Heat and Velocity are online. There is a poll for fans to vote as to what Velocity match they thought was the most exciting one. There is no poll in the Heat section though.

On Heat, Kane wrestles Johnny Parisi, Goldust takes on Trevor Murdoch, Rob Conway grapples with Viscera, and Snitsky and Tyson Tomko wrestle some local talent.


On Velocity, Tatanka wrestles a local wrestler, London and Kendrick do battle with The Dicks, Octagoncito goes one on one with Mascarita Sagrada in a Juniors match. Also, Super Crazy takes on Nunzio. WWE.com calls this match "an early match of the year candidate."