Major Details On Bret Hart-WWE & TNA?s Role In What Happened

PWInsider reports that the Bret Hart-hall of fame deal was made on February 6. Bret had been saying he wasn t interested, and always said he would never work for WWE again, however he decided that he would go in and do his speech. He is not getting paid, WWE is just sending him there, inducting him, and then he s going home. Bret is not taking any money for this, and wants to use this as his farewell in WWE.

As of right now, Bret is not going to be involved in anything to do with WrestleMania, and it s unknown who will officially induct him at the show.

Here is where things get interesting. TNA heard that Bret was going to be at the hall of fame, and set up a meeting between Jarrett and Hart in Calgary. TNA had very much intended to make a deal with Bret big enough to snatch him out from under WWE. However, due to a family emergency Jarrett couldn t make the meeting. If Jarrett had made the meeting, things very well could have turned out differently.