Major TNA/Goldberg Update, Heat With Vince McMahon

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that negotiations have gone well between TNA and Goldberg. While it isn t safe to say anything is expected yet, both sides are hopeful.

Goldberg is said to be very enthusiastic about working for TNA. This is likely because he doesn t want to be remembered for his last match at Madison Square Garden with Brock Lesnar. Another thing motivating him to work with TNA, is said to be his dislike for Vince McMahon, who he doesn t even like to talk about.

If a deal is worked out between the two, it s likely he would wrestle a few matches. It isn t likely that they will try to build the company around him, or even make him a regular. However, if Spike TV decides to pitch in the money, he could be around for a bit longer than a few matches.