Mamma Update, Another Suicide, Val Venis, More News

Here is the STORYLINE explanation from on Shelton Benjamin's 'Mamma': Monday night on RAW, Shelton and everyone at WWE endured a major scare when Shelton s momma collapsed at ringside. After interjecting herself in the match, Big Show shouted at Shelton s momma. Soon after, she appeared out of breath and collapsed. Medical officials stretchered her out of the Phillips Arena and rushed her to a local Atlanta hospital. Doctors ran several tests, including an ECG (Electrocardiogram), and concluded that the early fears of a heart attack were put to rest. Instead, it was learned that Shelton s momma suffers from a heart arrhythmia(irregular heart rhythm). Shelton s momma was released from the hospital this morning at 9:14 and is now convalescing at home. Shelton and everyone at WWE are relieved and wish Shelton s momma a speedy recovery. has posted yet another Tim White 'Lunchtime Suicide'. This time, he hooks a brick around his neck and ducks his head into a fish tank, thus drowning himself. Did I just write that?

As announced on Byte This last week, The Val Venis Love Stinks St. Valentine's Day Sucktacular is coming to next Tuesday. The website has posted the preview video from the show last night. will have video footage of Matt Cappotelli s OVW speech later today.