More Details On 'Another ECW One Night Stand' PPV

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WWE will likely confirm the plans for a second ECW PPV this Monday on RAW, possibly with Tazz or Rob Van Dam. You can expect another 'WWE invasion' because Vince feels that will help PPV buys.

The company made a good amount off the PPV last year with a good buyrate and the fact that hardcore ECW fans were willing to pay above average ticket prices for a show that was not in a regular WWE arena.

There was talk that Paul Heyman had signed a short-term contract extension which was scheduled to end shortly. The short-term contract was only made while details of a long-term contract extension were being worked out. Heyman had control over the ECW show last year with Vince McMahon merely looking on.

This years show will take place on June 11th in New York City, N.Y. at the Hammerstein Ballroom. This is the same arena from last year. Tickets go on sale April 15.

Tommy Dreamer and Paul Heyman will be put in charge of contacting talent to appear on the show. Sabu is on again, off again with TNA so it is possible he'll appear. Names like Rhino, The Dudley Boyz, and Jerry Lynn will not be able to appear on the show due to contracts with TNA Wrestling. Tajiri, Sandman, and Terry Funk have all been contacted by WWE about appearing on the show. WWE also does not want any repeat of last year with 'Hardcore Homecoming' type shows. Those shows were produced by Shane Douglas who is currently in rehab for a pain killer addition.