New WWE Diva, Bret Hart, Jake Roberts, SD! Rating, More

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, PWInsider

– SmackDown last night did a 2.8 fast national broadcast rating, with a 5.0 share.

– Thanks to Steven Fernandes for this: has a section called 'WrestleMania Underdog Stories' on their WrestleMania subsite where you can vote for your favorite underdog moment. The choices are Hogan beating Andre, Honky Tonk Man beating Jake Roberts, Randy Savage winning the WWE Title Tournament, Hogan beating Yokozuna, Tenryu and Kitao beating Demolition, Virgil beating Ted Dibiase, Owen Hart beating Bret Hart, LT beating Bam Bam Bigelow, Chris Benoit winnig the world championship, and Cena beating Big Show. Currently, Chris Benoit winning the world title is leading with 28% of the votes followed by Owen beating Bret with 19% and Cena beating Show with 15%. The least favorite is HTM beating Jake with 0.83% votes.

– Expect developmental diva Angel to be brought up to Smackdown once her knee injury clears up.