No Way Out Tonight, Triple H/Stephanie, Vince, Flair, Other WWE Notes

Canadian punk band The Legendary Klopeks have recorded a song called "Ric Flair". To hear the song, visit the band's MySpace page at Also, fans in the Toronto area can see The Legendary Klopeks perform as part of a wrestling & music event at Club 107-8 in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada on February 26th, 2006. Also participating in the event will be TNA superstars Christopher Daniels, Petey Williams, Bobby Roode & Traci Brooks. Full info about the event can be found at:

Once again on Friday night, after Smackdown went off the air, the 10' o clock news here in Miami (UPN 33) had a segment with a WWE Superstar. This time it was Triple HHH. He talked about being married to the "bosses daughter", and said he has actually had to work HARDER because of it, which I thought was kind of laughable. He goes on to say that he was good friends with Vince long before he was involved with Stephanie and that he enjoys being involved in the creative side of things behind the scenes because it gives him the opportunity to live vicariously through some of the newer talent. This segment was shorter than the one they did last week with Kurt Angle, which was far more interesting and seemed to be more genuine. They did not mention if they were going to do another segment next week after the show, but if they do I'll send it along.

We heard from a few fans who told us that WWE doesn't actually have an official profile on It was started by a fan.

WWE Heat will be airing live on tonight, the pre-show to the No Way Out PPV. If you have PPV capabilities, you will also be able to watch HEAT on your television screens, 30 minutes before the PPV actually begins. is calling Super Crazy vs. Nunzio on Velocity as Match of the Year. The webcast is available on their site, and is a great match.

DirecTV is airing a 15 minute No Way Out pre-show, hyping the top matches of the pay-per-view. It is airing on channel 123.

WWE's main site will also be having "Instant Access" again, where they will be giving exclusive interviews with a few superstars who are involved in the PPV tonight. The interviews will air live on, and are text based, no videos.