Rob Van Dam Hoping To Get Push By WWE


According to reports, WWE superstar Rob Van Dam fears that he will no be getting a better push than which he has had in previous years with WWE. He expressed these thoughts in a recent interview with the latest edition of the WWE Magazine.

He also spoke with the Long Bach Press-Telegram. He said "I had to fight with them for everything," on his previous WWE stint. "Hopefully, it will be different now. As far as merchandising goes, they're supposed to have my new t-shirt available at the Royal Rumble and I'll be on the cover of the new Raw magazine. I think I showed them something with my interview at the ECW pay-per-view (June 12, 2005), (so) now maybe they have more confidence in my ability behind the microphone."

When brought up who he would like to wrestle, brought up Shawn Michaels: "Long term, I wanna go after HBK... A lot of my friends had mentioned that they'd like to see me in the ring with him, but I wasn't really feeling it. But, I ended up ordering Summerslam in August and watched Shawn Michaels wrestling Hulk Hogan, I changed my views. I saw two very skilled guys have a great match and bring out the best in each other. I feel like I could bring that out again in HBK."