(Spoilers) MTV Wrestling Society X Taping Results

(Spoilers) MTV Wrestling Society X Taping Results

Thanks to Carol Clark pf PWInsider.com for these:

Just got back from the MTV Wrestling Society X event.

We arrived at a parking lot and waited for the shuttle. All the people involved with the event were exceptionally friendly, and very accommodating. Of course, it was a TV taping and not really a wrestling event, so there was a lot of standing around and waiting before they finally let us in the building. As reported, it was a warehouse in Chinatown, and it looked like they'd spent a lot of time making it look like a punk club. I heard them make reference to the art department. It was interesting watching them set up the pyro and effects.

First off was a dark match, and there was only the one dark match. Honestly, this was the best match of the night, probably because the crowd was so involved. It featured the Human Tornado, Puma, and another guy who might have been Altar Boy Luke (looked like him) but they just called him Luke, and he had a different look. It was a great performance by all three, and the crowd was really behind Human Tornado (he's from UPW, and he's tremendous) and also Puma. Great action, lots of diving outside the ring (on concrete floors, no mats), and many high-flying aerial moves that were incredible. The Human Tornado won this match after many near falls.

Next up was the band. Lo and behold it was the Black Label Soceity. Zakk Wylde was hot! They had to perform their songs a few times, and give the same jokes a few times...ah the joys of television. There also appeared to be some hired people to get in the crowd and mosh it up. That seemed to take a lot of people by surprise, and I was glad I'd hung back by the ring. It was cool to see BLS in a small venue though.

The first match for the taping was Matt Sydal vs Jack Evans. Sydal came to the ring with Lizzy Valentine. This was also a good match, and Evans won. Again, lots of aerial moves.

After that they spent a lot of time setting up for the hardcore Battle Royal. They set up tons of pyro and special effects, tables, and ladders. The gimmick was that there were two Wrestling Society X contracts floating above the ring on chains. I'm sorry to say that I'm not entirely sure who all the participants were. Definitely in the match were Six Pac (going by that name), Justin Credible (I heard the stage crew calling him by that name instead of Peter Polacco), Vampiro, Teddy Hart, and New Jack. There were run ins by both Puma and Luke...and there were at least 3 other people in the match (but as I said I'm not sure who they were). There was a lot of pyro and "electrocutions" in this match, and New Jack climbed up on top of some containers and leaped off on top of one of the wrestlers I can't quite place who was laid out on a table. Big "holy sh**" chant for that one.

In the end, Six Pac got the first contract, and the 2nd one came down to a great battle between Vampiro and Polaco. By this time the ring was full of thumbtacks, a broken guitar (from New Jack breaking it over the head of one of the refs) and fall out from the various pyro as well as 2 humongous ladders. Vampiro ended up getting the 2nd contract. He talked to the crowd and thanked us for coming, said that this wrestling and rock combination had been a dream for 22 years, harrassed the announcer, and then Six Pac came out to attack while Black Label Society played in the background.

It ended after a re-take of the introduction of the Battle Royal again. They said "Even though wrestling is real, television isn't"...so we had to get pumped up for the intro all over again.

I'm not sure how many people were there. They brought us in 25 at a time (I was in the first group) and there were only about what seemed like 150 people brought in. With all the other people hanging around...It seemed like less than 300. Found out after that a lot of them were from an extra agency, they were paid for being there.

Thanks again for the opportunity to attend this show