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Welcome to the last taping before Against All Odds. During today s proceedings TNA taped a press conference between Christian Cage and NWA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Jarrett that will not be shown to us in the building. I am sure the rest of the matches for the February 12th PPV will be announced. Former WCW/WWE wrestler Chris Kanyon (Chris K. when he worked for TNA was in attendance. As was former NWA World Heavyweight champion Dory Funk Jr. along with an entourage of people. I was privileged to meet former Heavenly Body and WWE agent Dr. Tom Prichard, who along with Disco Inferno Glen Gilberti, have signed with TNA to be backstage agents. The biggest absences from the show were Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels and Shane Douglas. According to a pre-show screening by Jeremy Borash, more then half of the crowd are attending for the first time. Borash brought out Team 3D.

TNA Impact to air on Saturday February 4th:

The show might begin with Team 3D in the ring speaking. They said that the fans voted online as to who they would face at the PPV. They told the fans as much as they hated America s Most Wanted, they hated Team Canada even more. Devon and Ray ran down Team Canada on the mic before leaving to do whatever they do when they re not wrestling.

(1) The War Machine Rhino defeated Kenny King.

While King did get in some offense, he was no match for the experience level of Rhino. King hit a form of the Pele Kick but Rhino hit the spinebuster followed by the GORE!!!

Larry Zbyszko tried to speak with Terry Taylor (shame he isn t Scott Hudson) about the Jarrett/Christian press conference when Roderick Strong and Austin Aires interrupted him. Aires came attired with a jacket and feather earrings. They complained again about their lack of movement in the tag team division. Chase Stevens of the Naturals came along to express his concerns about the Naturals being left on the sideline. Larry said he would be holding a mini-tournament to decide who America s Most Wanted would face at the PPV.

(2) Phenomenal AJ Styles defeated Jay Lethal.

Lethal tried to speed things up against Styles but it backfired with a dropkick and a modified neckbreaker on the ring apron. Styles hit a running forearm to the corner and was ready for the Styles Clash when Samoa Joe distracted Styles. Lethal got on the offense but was eventually hit with the Styles Clash, which Styles did so Joe could watch it right in front of his position. Joe and Styles traded words.

Terry Taylor spoke to Team Canada spoke about their match with Team 3D and their involvement in the tag tournament when Gail Kim came along repeating she didn t want to be fired. D amore left with Kim instead of walking to the ring with Team Canada.

(3) In the first round of the tag team tournament, the Future Chris Sabin and Original Playa from the Himalaya Sonjay Dutt defeated Team Canada s Petey Williams and A1.

Dutt hit Williams with the tight rope and in ring sprinkler but got no pin. Williams tagged out to A1 but it took some interference from Williams to gain control of the match. A1 set Dutt so Williams could deliver the Canada crotch singing section of the match. Dutt withstood some vicious punishment before finally tagging out to Sabin. Sabin hit Williams with a tornado DDT but A1 interrupted the pin. Sabin went to hit A1 with the Cradle Shock but Williams clipped his knee. Williams went for the Canadian Destroyer but Dutt hit him with an enziguri. Williams and Sabin stayed in the ring as A1 and Dutt fought on the floor. Williams went for the Destroyer once more but Sabin hit an enziguri, followed by the Cradle Shock to advance.

(4) The Latin American Exchange (Konnan, Apolo and the Notorious 187 Homicide) defeated Uptown Frankie Capone, Rod Steel and Bruce Steele.

Despite the cohesiveness of Steel, Capone and Steele, they were no match for the Latins. Shame because I thought this would have been a good match with the 6 4 Apolo and the 6 4 Steele. After the match the James Gang ran out to fight. Despite a 3 on 2 advantage, the Latins left the ring.

Mike Tenay and Don West spoke on camera but we didn t hear the, on the overhead speakers.

(5) In a first round tag team tournament match, Roderick Strong and Austin Aires (w/Alex Shelley) defeated The Naturals (Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas).

Before the match began Scott D amore and Gail Kim commandeered Alex Shelley and his camera for some backstage film work. The Naturals worked on their opponents left arms and shoulders. They were in control of the match, even hitting Aires and Strong with a suicide tope to the floor. When Douglas went to re-enter the ring, Strong and Aires struck crotching Douglas in the ropes. Strong and Aires made frequent tags as America s Most Wanted sat above me on the scaffold, drinking some frosty cold beverages. Douglas survived the attack and tagged in Stevens. Just when it looked like the Naturals had the victory by hitting Aires with the Natural Disaster; Strong tripped Douglas and dragged him to the floor. Aires slid over Stevens shoulder and pinned Stevens.

America s Most Wanted, Gail Kim, NWA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Jarrett and Team Canada sent Alex Shelley on a mission to videotape Jackie Gayda. There was some bickering as to whether the mission would work. Borash told the crowd this was the end of hour one.

TNA Impact to air on Saturday February 11th:

(1) NWA World X Division champion Samoa Joe defeated Chasyn Rance and Jay Lethal.

Rance and Lethal tried to work together to wear down Joe and they briefly succeeded. That partnership quickly dissolved when Rance cheapshotted Lethal. Lethal hit Rance with a snapmare followed by a dropkick to the face. Once he recovered, Joe made both of them pay. Joe tossed Lethal to the floor and beat the life near out of Rance when he hit the Muscle Buster. Rance tapped out to the Kokina Clutch.

(2) Abyss (w/Father James Mitchell) and Alpha Male Monty Brown defeated Ron the Truth Killings and the War Machine Rhino.

This match was more like a demolition derby then a traditional tag match. Rhino and Brown began the match but it was obvious he wanted Abyss in the ring. Killings hit Abyss and Brown with a suicide dive to the floor. Once back in the ring Killings and Rhino went to work on Abyss. Killings mounted the turnbuckle and punched Abyss in the head but Brown punched Killings and hit a modified Hot Shot. Rhino could only watch as Abyss and Brown worked over Killings for several minutes. Killings tried to hit Abyss with a leg lariat but Abyss caught him and crotched him on the top rope. Killings held on and hit Brown with a flying forearm before tagging in Rhino. Rhino hit Brown with a spinebuster when Abyss came in to trade punches and then fight to the floor. Killings made a blind tag and countered the Alpha Bomb with an STO. Abyss and Rhino fought into the crowd and out of the building. Konnan came out and offered Killings a sock puppet (actually I think it was a slapjack.) Killings was on the top rope when he refused Konnan s gift. Brown got to his feet and knocked him back into the ring. This led to Brown hitting Killings with the POUNCE. Killings and Konnan argued in the ring when we cut to some backstage footage.

Christian Cage was on the phone telling Sting that the referee situation was taken care of and promised he would become the NWA World Heavyweight champion tomorrow night.

(3) In the finals of the tag team tournament, the Future Chris Sabin and Original Playa From the Himalaya Sonjay Dutt defeated Roderick Strong and Austin Aires.

Strong and Sabin began the match exchanging high energy moves when the action went to the floor, via the air. Sabin and Dutt hit Aries with a double dropkick to Aires head. Dutt jumped over Sabin and landed on Strong and Aires. Dutt hit Aires with the double Sprinkler moveset before tagging in Sabin. Aires poked Sabin in the eyes and then dragged them on the top rope. Strong tagged in and began to isolate Sabin from his corner. Sabin managed to escape and tag out to Dutt who hit two dragon legwhips. Aries went up but Dutt dropped him and then Strong into Trees of Woe. Both men were hit with Sabin running dropkicks to their faces. Sabin went for the Cradle Shock but Strong hit a half nelson backbreaker. Sabin was hit with a Hart Attack but he kicked out at two. Sabin hit Aires with an enziguri and the Cradle Shock to win the match as Dutt fought with Strong on the outside of the ring. It appeared on one of the dropkicks to the corner Sabin injured his ankle. When he saw the replay on a monitor Borash said it reminded him of Joe Thiesman s leg injury courtesy of one of my favorite players Lawrence Taylor on Monday Night Football.

Terry Taylor spoke to Cassidy Riley about Raven. Riley said he hadn t spoken to Raven since he was booted from the promotion. Jackie Gayda barged in and told the audience that things would be changing when Jeff Jarrett meets her demands. Scott D amore came over and told Gayda that her demands would be met, but not today. Alex Shelley told D amore he got some video tape, calling Gayda a kinky dame.

(4) The match between Team 3D and the Diamonds in the Rough ( Primetime Elix Skipper and David Young w/Simon Diamond) ended before it really got started.

Actually the match took place for about sixty seconds when America s Most Wanted and Gail Kim hit the rampway. Chris Harris reminded Team 3D that they were still the champions and the fans saved them by voting for Team Canada and not AMW. Devon claimed Team Canada would face the judge, jury and executioner known as 3D. Ray called AMW and Kim a drunk, queer and slut. Ray told AMW that when they were done with Team Canada they were coming for THEIR tag belts when Petey Williams and A1 hit the ring. 3D briefly ran them off to get a table when Bobby Roode and Eric Young came to join the fighting. With the odds not on their side Devon was busted open and Ray was choked with the Canadian flag. Team Canada dumped Ray into the table while Roode rubbed the Tag Team of the Year award in Devon s face. As the TNA crew aided Team 3D, AMW stood on the rampway enjoying Team Canada s handiwork.

Due to the bleeding of Devon TNA changed the ring canvas in between shows.

The following matches were taped for TNA Xplosion:

(1) Ron the Truth Killings defeated Lex Lovett (w/Alexa). Shame WWE didn t bring Lovett into the Spirit Squad. I would think you would want someone who was once coach of a college cheerleading squad in the gimmick. After the match Killings sang along to his new entry music.

(2) The Prince of Punk Shannon Moore defeated Cassidy Riley.

(3) Matt Bentley (w/Traci Brooks), Lance Hoyt and Shark Boy defeated The Diamonds in the Rough (Simon Diamond, Primetime Elix Skipper and David Young).

Announced matches for Against All Odds:

– NWA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Jarrett vs. Captain Charisma Christian Cage

– NWA World X Division champion Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles vs. Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels

– In a fan s choose the opponents match, Team 3D vs Team Canada s Booby Roode and Showtime Eric Young

– The Latin American Exchange vs. The James Gang (BG James and Kip James)

– NWA World Tag Team champions America s Most Wanted ( Tennessee Cowboy James Storm and Wildcat Chris Harris) vs. the Future Chris Sabin and Original Playa from the Himalaya Sonjay Dutt.

– In a falls count anywhere in Universal Studios match, the War Machine Rhino vs. Abyss (w/Father James Mitchell)

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