Sting's TNA Return, ROH/TNA Relationship, & More Notes

Partial Source: The Pro Wrestling Torch

Sting is expected to make a return to TNA around the time of the Lockdown PPV in April. The Lockdown event, just like last year, will feature every match on the card inside a steel cage. Some have already questioned TNA's choice to bring Sting in for January and then quickly exit him with the "goodbye" storyline. Many inside the company are hoping that a plan is in place in order to maximize his return later this year as a big pay-off.

According to reports, TNA management is working on restructuring contracts with TNA talent so that all independent bookings come directly through the office. It is believed that Bill Behrens is in charge of this situation as he will will handle schedules, issues and other things. Nothing has been officially implemented yet as TNA is still working out how they want to do it. This situation is very similar to what the company attempted back in 2004 and it didn't go over very well with talent. However, with TNA wrestlers now appearing on national television on Spike TV, many don't find an issue with the company wanting to protect their valuable assets.

In a related note, TNA has no plans to pull talent from appearing for Ring of Honor. Based on what is known, the two promotions currently have their best working relationship to date. However, with TNA running their first House Show this March and with more planned in the future, it is possible that TNA will force contracted talent to pick TNA over an ROH booking no matter what. Again, this isn't the case right now, but many feel it could be coming with future TNA House Show events planned.

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