The South Florida Sun-Sentinel ran an article today about the allegations towards Vince McMahon that he groped an employee of the Boca Raton tanning salon this past weekend.

It should be noted that when the story was first covered yesterday, it was cited that the incident took place on Sunday night. Many, including McMahon’s attorney, noted that it was impossible since McMahon was in Miami all day Sunday for the Royal Rumble PPV before heading to Orlando the following day.

The story in the Sun-Sentinel lists the incident as now taking place on Saturday at the tanning salon. Based on what is known, the confusion got started when the alleged victim told police the story on Sunday and didn’t specifically mention it as taking place on Saturday as previously noted.

In the article, another employee of the tanning salon Kelly McMahon (no relation) noted that when she came in contact with McMahon on Saturday, he was quote “nothing but a gentleman. He shook my hand three times. He showed no signs of coming on to [ the employee ]. He was talking to me. She was trying to interrupt our conversation.” Police have yet to speak with McMahon and intend to do so in order to determine if there is enough evidence to file charges.

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