Credit: PWInsider, Wrestling Observer

— To update on a previous story, Christopher Daniels (as Curry Man) was the masked wrestler with Samoa Joe and Kazarian on the episode of Distraction that aired on Comedy Central last night.

— TNA still has yet to turn a profit, despite some belief to the contrary. While they aren t losing as much money as they were, they still aren t out of the red zone yet.

— Expect TNA to air a lot more footage from matches overseas on upcoming episodes of iMPACT. Jeff Jarrett was thrilled with the recently reaction he got in the UK from a match between AJ Styles and himself.

— Spike TV s initial expectation for TNA s iMPACT rating was a 0.58, which thus far TNA has been well above. TNA recently shattered all previous records for iMPACT by bringing in 1.3 million viewers for Sting s goodbye to the fans segment.

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