TNA News: Replay Rating, Sting, Chris Kanyon & More


The TNA Impact Monday Night replay scored a 0.6 average rating with a 0.7. 343,000 viewers were Males 18-49. The show scored a 0.4 and 441,000 viewers among people 18-49.

Spike TV is advertising for this week's Impact,
Alex Shelley's video footage of Sting. TNA has some "images leaked by Shelley" on their website.


Shelley was sent to Los Angeles several weeks ago to film the footage that will air on Impact, therefore any footage of Sting's home and area is legitimately where he lives.

Former NWA champion Dory Funk Jr. is now writing a regular column on

Chris Kanyon has updated his Myspace, saying he was at the TNA tapings but didn't work. Here is what he had to say :

For those of you who have read that I was at the last TNA taping but refused to work, I want to clarify why. They presented me with a "standard" 1-day release contract. It was 2 pages of legal talk, most of which I believe I understood. But than I got to the following section and I felt that by signing it, that I would be giving them the ability to merchandise me for the rest of my life ("perpetual") without any payment to me. I asked them to remove this section and they refused, so I did not do the taping. If anyone is a lawyer and/or familiar with contracts of this type, please private message me back with the topic "TNA CONTRACT", and tell me if I interpreted this section properly. Thanks.


"You grant TNA during and AFTER the Term of the Agreement a non-exclusive, unrestricted, worldwide, perpetual license to use and to authorize and license others to use (on terms acceptable to TNA in its sole discretion) your name, stage name, likeness, voice, actions or movements, poses and appearances, words and slogans, props or other items associated with you and any of your biographical material in connection with the Event(s) and the Recordings, and any associated publicity and promotional materials including you (which shall include, without limitation, television commercials, print advertisements, and radio advertisements), including, without limitation, in connection with the manufacture, distribution, promotion, sale and other commercial exploitation in any manner of Event-related or NON-EVENT related merchandise (Merchandise) without any further compensation to you. Merchandise may include, without limitation, computer, video, or arcade games in any form and on any platform, video tapes and DVDs, posters, photos, books, articles, action figures or dolls, t-shirts, souvenirs or any other tangible or intangible personal or intellectual property."

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