TNA Running Major Angle Online Involving Sting

TNA is running a major angle on their website right now. As noted on iMPACT! last week, Jeff Jarrett sent Alex Shelley to go film footage of Sting to air this Saturday night. posted a photo from "Shelley's Cam" with Sting and his kids in a School Parking lot. This is to further hype iMPACT! this week.


Promises to air this Saturday night on "iMPACT!" on SpikeTV

The following message was posted earlier today in the Impact Community Message Board area. After being alerted to the note by fans, has indeed confirmed it was posted by TNA star Alex Shelley. Thus far, TNA management has no comment on his disturbing claims and are in talks on how to best handle the developing situation. More details to follow..

Smile Stinger – you're on Shelley Cam!

Hello TNA fans – how was your weekend? Sucks to be you if you happen to live in the northeast with all that snow. Me? I just got back from sunny California! I hit a few beaches, did some swimming, worked on my tan – and oh yeah, I saw everyone's favorite man in black, the Stinger.

Think I'm lying? I think the attached photo is proof enough, kiddies! You'll see more on Saturday night. I don't want to give everything away before my big premiere!

Well, I've got some good news and some bad news about ol' Stevie Borden. First the bad news: from the looks of things, Stinger was serious about hanging up the black boots and trench coat. The good news? He's certainly keeping himself busy picking up his rugrats from school, playing basketball in the backyard and helping his wife hang out laundry.

Is this what happens to wrestling icons when they walk away from the ring? How pathetic!

Seriously, it really amazed me how oblivious Sting was that I was filming him the entire time. He never even noticed me tailing him from his house to the gym, even when I pulled up right next to him on the highway!

I gotta be honest with you – all those years at the top of the wrestling business sure paid for a nice palatial estate. Swimming pool, basketball court, not to mention the big driveway where he parks his Excursion. I guess Stinger's not too concerned about the price of gasoline these days!

And oh, by the way – Mrs. Sting is certainly a looker! Meee-yowww!

So once again, mission accomplished! What we got on Jackie is gonna seem like child's play compared to this. I'll bring the tape to air this Saturday night on "iMPACT!" bring the popcorn.

Your friend
Alex Shelley

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