Triple H Upset With, & More Backstage News

WWE is apparently looking for a Vice President Of Interactive Programming to oversee everything on their website. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Chris Chambers, who currently heads the website, has been told to break more news stories on the website in order to run off competition wrestling news sites like this one. However, he has two sides telling him to do different things. One side says to break more news, and the other side (Triple H) is telling him not to jeopardize anyone s character or any of the storylines. Triple H was most recently upset over the use of his real name on a news item on the site.

There was also some heat on the website for putting up pictures from backstage at RAW of people who were injured or due to storylines shouldn t be backstage.

Don t be surprised if WWE starts making their website more news-oriented. This includes hiring a bunch of new writers, monitoring wrestling news on radio and the internet, and trying to break certain stories before they leak out.