Ultimate Warrior Says TNA Should Hire Him & Goldberg

Former WWF champion The Ultimate Warrior has recently updated his commentary on his official website. He discusses TNA's decision to bring Sting into the company, Sting's recent media conference call and also mentions that TNA should invest their money in bringing in Warrior to face former WCW World champion Goldberg.


Warrior wrote, "[Sting] also mentioned in the press conference that Ultimate Warrior coming to TNA would be interesting. Yes, I have to agree — it would be very interesting. What would be more interesting is if the TNA execs had the creativity, integrity and balls to entertain it seriously. Frankly, what they should do, if they want to be competitive (there's that nasty blood, sweat and tears word again), is sell some of those construction materials Daddy Jarrett has laying around, and put up the financing to bring in Goldberg and Ultimate Warrior and let us try to beat the intensity out of one another.

Now there's an idea — an attention getting one, and a money making one. I mean, instead of always using "warrior" as the adjective to fallaciously describe all those who aren't — bring a real, and Ultimate, one in. Let the hardcore, natural intensity rip. Let both of us take our mischaracterized heads halfway out of our asses, just enough for us to be businessmen capable of discussing the serious potential success yet not enough to defuse a competitive grudge, and let the serious and creative thinkers at TNA, those without an agenda or envy problem, work out a program.


Put your silly a** fear and prejudice for my strong, bold character away and think SUCCESS. Hell, I'm all for great ideas. But don't expect me to keep my mouth shut when you don't come up with any. Of course, as I hinted at, it won't be inexpensive. Goldberg has an agent and has to give him a cut. I'm my own and I charge even more. The bigger obstacle, and definitely the one that has us both the most hated in the industry, is that we are strong individualists who don't need, or even necessarily want, to be in the business and can get along having great lives without it. But, what a way it would be for the most envied and despised to shove the final word down the throats of those Nor'Easterners, while TNA capitalizes off the incredible heat of it all."