Various: Kanyon Update, Kimberly Page, TNA Pics, DDP, More

As noted, Chris Kanyon recently stated at an indy wrestling show that he was gay. He said that the reason as to why WWE let him go two years ago was because he was gay. Kanyon posted a message about his sexuality on his MySpace page in his latest blog entitled, "Is Kanyon Gay?" You can read his message at

Kimberly Page recently updated her website with a message about what she's been doing lately. She notes that she can be seen on an infomercial for Savvier's Cross Crunch abdominal exercise system. Visit for that.

"Cheating Death, Stealing Life" by Eddie Guerrero is currently the number one best selling wrestling book on However, DDP's Self Help Yoga book is selling better than any wrestling book. has posted ringside photos from "Against All Odds."

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