Waltman Admits Smoking Pot, Dixie Carter, Kanyon Angle, More News

- Dixie Carter confirmed our earlier report on TNAWrestlingNews.com while on the Between the Ropes radio show last week. Carter noted that WWE had unsuccessfully tried to bring in Chicago White Sox's AJ Pierzynski for Wrestlemania 22. Pierzynski was scheduled to start at RAW three weeks ago.

- This isn't really news and honestly, it happens a lot on the indy circuit but Sean Waltman admitted during a recent interview that he smoked pot outside the venue of Vince Russo's recent Ring of Glory show.

- Rocky Romero (Black Tiger in Japan) is being considered for Team Japan for the upcoming World X Cup.

- This whole Kanyon 'homosexual' thing is an idea of his own that he came up with. He is referring to it as a 'character'. It's basically an internet angle which has worked so far because websites picked up on the press release. It gets people talking about his name (and he likes that), which then gets WWE or TNA thinking they can run an angle off it, and in the end, he lands a job. That's the gist of it.

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