WWE News: Chris Benoit, More Stacy News, SNME, More

- On Saturday, Chris Benoit will be signing autographs at the World of Wheels Congress Center in Atlanta, GA from 1:45 to 4PM. Also on Saturday, Lita will be signing autographs at the Auto-Rama Dayton Airport Expo Center in Dayton, OH from 2 to 4PM.

- The Henry Daily Herald posted a story on WWE's new Deep South developmental territory.

- WAVE 3 TV in Louisville has a sad story online about the death of a OVW fan by a drunk driver.

- "Dancing with the Stars" performer Lisa Rinna was a guest on Howard Stern's show earlier today. Howard Stern thought that Stacy Keibler's inclusion on the show has ruined "Dancing with the Stars" because she is a dancer who is trained. He thinks that people with dance backgrounds take away the legitimacy of the contest. Stern thinks Stacy is going to win the contest. Stern didn't attack Stacy personally, he just thinks that she shouldn't have been allowed to be included in the competition.

- WWE.com have a survey asking people if they'd be interested in purchasing DVD sets on the "Best of Starrcade" or the "Best of Saturday Night's Main Event," alongside the other DVD projects that WWE announced that would be released later this year. If WWE gets a good response on the "Best of Starrcade" or the "Best of Saturday Night's Main Event," then WWE will probably make DVD sets on those shows in the future.