WWE News & Notes: Candice Michelle, JBL, Stacy & More

Credit: PWInsider.com

A local news station in Baltimore (WJZ13) was advertising a "headline" for last night's broadcast. The headline was "Dancing With the Stars Scandal; Stacy Caught Posing for a Men's Magazine." This is quite strange for a media outlet to call that a headline.

A commercial for Saturday Night's Main Event came on last night during WWE Friday Night SmackDown in Detroit. The commercial confirmed it would be both a RAW and SmackDown show. It also mentioned that there was a special start time at 6:30. The old logo was also being used in the commercial.

The "La Lola" phrase that was trademarked by WWE last week is a nickname for the Armando Alejandro Estrada character which is set to debut soon on WWE TV.

JBL's latest investment article is up at TheStreet.com.

Candice Michelle will appear this Monday night on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.