WWE News: Sid Vicious-WrestleMania?, Stacy's Contract, Hogan, More

Sid Vicious was actually considered for a role at this year's Wrestlemania in a main event match. It didn't pan out though, for whatever reason. Vicious wrestled on a few independent shows last year.

WWE.com has conducted with Matthew Cardona. He earned a developmental contract after his tryout at the Nassau Coliseum two weeks ago. His best friend and tag team partner Brian Myers was signed as well.


Stacy Keibler's WWE contract will be expiring in July.

From NYPost.com: February 28, 2006 — KID Rock celebrated being single this weekend by showing up with ten models at Pangaea at the Hard Rock Hotel/Casino in Hollywood, Fla., where he was joined by his buddy Hulk Hogan and the Hulkster's va-va-voom daughter Brooke, who drew a lot of male attention despite the wrestler's glowering presence. Kid Rock, who recently broke up with Jimmy Choo divorc?e Tamara Mellon, wound up deejaying for an hour, and was then overheard telling someone in his entourage: "It does not get better than this: babes, booze and music."