WWE Notes: Howard Stern/Stacy Keibler, Triple H/Jesus & More

Source: PWInsider.com

Howard Stern had Dancing With The Stars II performer Lisa Rinna as a guest this morning. While discussing the show Howard said he felt Stacy Kiebler's inclusion ruined the show because she is basically a dancer who is trained. He said that the producers are taking calls from agents from people with dance backgrounds and that takes away from the legitimacy of the program and contest. Howard felt Stacy would win but Lisa Rinna kept positive and said if Howard felt so strongly to have his listeners vote for her. Howard did not attack Stacy personally at all, but questioned her inclusion and if the "fix was in."

White Sox catcher AJ Pierzynski was on ESPN 2 s Cold Pizza this morning. During the interview, Pierzynski was asked about his recent visit to the White House when host Jay Crawford asked him if he thought that President Bush was a wrestling fan. The show then played clips of Pierzynski appearing in TNA, when AJ said that President Bush was from Texas and that he thought that everyone from Texas was a wrestling fan. Pierzynski said that he actually had to train for his time in the ring and that the whole deal took about two weeks of his time.

Thespoof.com has a new article up about HHH and Jesus wrestling over the name "King of Kings."