WWE RAW Results: Edge vs. Cena, HBK Retires?

WWE RAW Results: Edge vs. Cena, HBK Retires?

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results
Airdate: Thursday, February 16th, 2006 (Taped Monday, February 13th due to Westminster Dog Show)
Location: The Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, NC
Results by Adam Lebow


I once again bring back my yearly tradition after a 5 year hiatus of bring back the special WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW on TSN report as USA Network is with the dogs tonight. Additionally, a quick look over at WWE.com shows that there is not going to be a LIVE Unlimited broadcast tonight, which is a shame for those fans who reside in Canada and Great Britain.

We start off, as we always do on TSN, with a warning that this show is not suitable for some viewers, and that viewer discretion is advised.

We then go into the WWE THE POWER IS BACK introduction.

Joey Styles welcomes us to Raw, as Time to Play the Game starts and out comes HHH in the Road to Wrestlemania Tournament. The Coach reminds us that this is a great opportunity for the 4 men, to face either Cena or Edge. Styles reminds us that Hunter has said that no one will stand in HHH way of going to Mania. We then go to a promo reminding us that tonight, Vince will host HBK s retirement party. The King comes in and tell us that tonight, Mick Foley will guest ref as Cena will take on Edge for the title.


The Big Show, with WWE Tag Title in tow, comes out. Styles says that the only thing standing between Hunter and Mania is the 7 foot Big Show. Hunter attacks Big show as he enters, but show with a headbut and then some chops on Hunter in the corners. Mickey J is the ref. Big show with an elbow ot the back. The right hand of the big show is no longer taped up, and Joey tells us this. Big Show press slams Hunter and follows up with two big elbow drops. Big show stomps on Hunters hand, Joey says this is pay back and Coach says Big Show is a nasty person.

Big Show runs Hunters hand into the buckle and Styles says it is personal. Big Show Press Slams Hunter again but using only ONE HAND OF BIG SHOW. Show continues to work on Hunters hand and does a one handed test of strength. He press slams his again and then a big leg drop on Hunters throat. Show gives another big chop to Hunter in the corner, and Hunter does the Flair flop. Big show steps on Hunters lower back. Hunter rolls to the apron and gives Show the neckstap across thet op rope. Hunter comes back in and tries to throw show into the corner but show reverses and Hunter goes over the top rope, partially landing on the steel steps. Show goes for the battering ram but Hunter gets out and puts Show head first. Mickey J is up to 7 and Big Show is busted wide open.


We go to our first commercial.

We get a Wrestlemania 22 commercial, as Wrestlemania is going Big time. It is noticeable that Randy Orton has the Intercontinental title on in the promo.

We return from commercial, with the Discretion is advised warning again. Hunter now has control and is punching Shows head, working in the wound. Show is down on the mat and hunter hits the knee drop from the corner. Shades of Harley Race says Styles. Hunter pounds on Shows forehead again but Show gets a burst and hits an inverted atomic drop. Show hulks up and says hunter is a SOB, and uses head butts on Hunter. Hunter off the rope and show with a power slam. Show misses the follow-up leg drop and they both are on their knees. Hunter comes off the ropes and into the big shows hand for the choke slam, but he counters in the air with a DDT. He goes for the first cover but gets a 2 as show throws him across the ring. Hunter back on Shows face, but Show with a head but to Hunter. Hunter off the ropes again, Shows puts down his head, takes the knee to the face followed by a pedigree. Hunter just misses getting a 3 count and he cant believe it. Hunter is mad and goes for a second pedigree, but Show reverses and back flips Hunter. Coach says no one has ever kicked out of the pedigree. Both men are down now as Mickey J is counting. They slowly both work their way up in each corner. Show goes running across the ring with the read butt and comes ff the ropes with the shoulder block. Show says it is choke slam time. Show goes for it but hunter with figures to the eyes. Hunter goes to the top rope for a double axe handle but gets caught in the choke slam. However Hunter gets his foot on the bottom rope at 2 and falls outside the ring. Coach says Hunter is a ring general. Show goes after HHH on the outside. Hunter begs off. Show drops Hunter first face on the barricade. Show rolls into the ring to break the count. Styles reminds us Mania is in the balance. Show back on the offense with big open hand chops, followed by sending HHH shoulder first into the steel stairs. He goes after Hunter but Hunter hits Show in the leg and Show goes head first into the stairs. Hunter tries to get in the ring to break the count but as he is on the apron, show catches him and choke slams him to the outside as Mickey J counts to 10 and we have a double count out finish. The crowd isn t happy and Hunter rand Show start to brawl on the outside. Show tears apart the announce table and tells Hunter to kiss his ass, but Hunter hits the low blow. Hunter with a chair and he swings at show, but Show goes and shoulder blocks Hunger through the barricade, as they both go down in the crowd. Hunter looks inside out at this point and Show is over him. King says he is a Giant. Crowd is chanting Big Show, as his music plays. We see a replay of what just happened.


HHH vs Big Show went to a Double Count out.

We go to a commercial with King asking what this does for the tournament.

WWE CD-Plus heavy hit of the week is Queens of the Stone Age s latest CD.

A promo for Monday Night Football on TSN airs.

We return, once again with Discretion is advised promo. They air a Shawn Michaels retirement moment, from February 13, 1997, the Shawn Michaels I Lost My Smile promo with Vince in the ring where he gives up the WWF Championship. We then see the promo for the Retirement party for Shawn, with Styles saying Shawn had a great career. Coach says Vince was here for the entire HBK career. King talks about what just happened with the HHH vs. Big Show match. Styles reminds us this was for the tournament to Mania, as we see a replay as to what led to the double count out. Therefore, the brackets are showing right now that Masters vs. RVD is for the main event at Mania. Vince is in his locker room with lawyers when Grisham enters. He asks what happens now due to HHH and Show going to a double count out. Grisham asks if this is safe to assume that RVD or Masters go on. Vince says it isn t safe to assume that, and he saw two guys that didn t lose tonight. Next week, HHH vs. Big Show vs. winner of RVD against Masters. Shelton s momma comes in and wants to ask Vince for something (Shelton is in tow). Momma asks Vince if she can give Shelton an IC title match, and she is using a respirator. She says Vince holds the power to give Shelton the match. She is sobbing. Vince makes the Eugene vs. Shelton match for the number one contender for the IC title. Shelton tells Vince he wont regret it.


Foley is getting dressed in his ref gear, and is singing the Wrestlemania theme song for this year when Lit and Edge enter. Lita says nice singing, Foley says he is working on it in the shower. Lita hits on Foley and says he has lost weight. Foley says it is the vertical stripes. Lita says she read scooter, Foley wants to know her favorite part and Lita cant come up with it and Edge says cut the crap, no one has read the book and he doesn t want to get screwed over by Foley. Foley says he goes way back with Edge and Foley says he remembers Mania 15 when he counted Austin over The Rock as a highlight. Edge thinks this is good for him, but Foley says he is a big Hacksaw fan and has no problem counting 1-2-3 for either Cena or Edge tonight. Edge says if he doesn t, it will be Foleys biggest mistake of his life, Foley says have a nice day as the two leave and we go to commercial break (and a promo for upcoming WWE action).

We get a WWE Canada update with Grisham. He asks if Canada is cold or not? Grisham says he is the barer of good news, and announced that Rowdy Raw will be at Empire STUDUIO 8 AT THE Pen Center in St. Catherines Ontario at 5:30. We then get a quick old school Piper promo saying come on down. If you go to Empire Theatres on the 19th to see Piper, you also get a free viewing of No Way Out. We also get a promo for Saturday Night Main Event, March 18th at 6:30 pm, with a new logo for the show.


We return, again with a Discretion is advised, followed by a Big time, 48 days away till Mania promo.

Joey says we are watching Raw LIVE as Shelton Benjamin comes out with his momma. Coach reminds us that Vince has decided that HHH vs. Show vs. Winner of tonight s match in a triple threat match. We see video of Eugene telling Shelton s momma he saw her movie last night on Raw, and asking her to take her wig off before Shelton comes and makes the save for his big momma. King says Eugene thinks Momma is Martin Lawrence. Eugene comes out with chocolates in a valenties day heart, and wants to give some to momma. She begs off and Shelton confronts him, knocking the chocolates out of his hand. As Eugene goes to pick them up, Shelton hits him in the face, and drags him in the ring. Benjamin rips off Eugene s coat and King says Eugene was making a peace offering like Forrest Gump would. Shelton goes and knocked Eugene s head into the corner but Eugene hulks up, and the big lefts and rights. He picks up Shelton into the airplane spin, both guys are woozy. Eugene off the rope but Shelton goes for the t-bone, until Eugene counters with a northern lights Suplex. Benjamin with a Samoan drop on Eugene out of the corner. Shelton hits the exploder T-bone Suplex and he gets the quick pin.


Shelton Benjamin defeats Eugene via T-Bone Suplex to become number 1 contender.

Shelton gets on the mic and says next week he will not be called mommas boy, but the new intercontinental champion after he beats Flair, including a woo at the end.

Joey says time for another Vince selected HBK moment. We go to October 6tyh, 1997. HHH and HBK in the ring, as we relieve the Madison Square Moment with HBK, HHH, Diesel and Razor. HBK goes and jabs at Vince who is in the booth. HBK says Vince was an ass long before he was. We see a promo for the retirement party.

We see Ashley getting ready to compete, and King says she is fighting Torrie Wilson tonight.

We get a promo for the Bret Hart DVD, which is on the Fanatics Series all month on PPV.

We return with the Discretion Warning again.

Ashley is on her way out to the ring, in a new skimpy outfit. Torrie Wilson comes out with Candice Michelle. King says the match is rated PG. Puppies are good. We then see footage of Candice on Leno from last week, including the Terry Bradshaw moment. Candice is holding on to Chloe tonight for anyone who cares. Torrie attacks Ashley from behind and she falls outside the ring. Torrie throws her in and does a hair spin in the ring, followed by the Chloe ass rump in Ashley s face. Torrie gloats n the ring and Ashley starts to mount a comeback. Ashley goes for the 10 punches but after one, Torrie knocks her off and hits an X-Factor on Ashley. Torrie kiss per puppy and then starts to spank Ashley in the ring. Torrie throws Ashley head first into the buckle. Torrie throws Ashley off the rope and as Torrie goes for a closeline, Ashley blows the spot and instead of grabbing her arm and covering her, she has to go and do a school girl instead. Candice grabs the mic and says it is ok Torrie lost because Candice is going to be on the cover of Playboy on March 10th. Candice cant wait to take it off and strips to her bra and panties, throwing her wardrobe into Torrie Wilson s face, as she doesn t look to happy about it.


Back to the HK moment. December 26th, 2005 when the feud started where Vince wanted HBK to rip on Bret and HBK tells Vince it was 8 years ago and time to let it go. HBK wants Vince to grow up a bit, and tells Vince to move on. Once again, a promo for HBK retirement ceremony. Styles says it is up next after the break.

We get a promo for The Undertaker against Kurt Angle for the World Title at No Way Out.

We see a glimpse from the new Divas magazine with Trish on the cover in the locker room.

We return to see attorneys in the ring, where a table and chairs have been setup, and Vince comes out. Coach says Vince has a pep in his step tonight, and that Vince is cockier than ever. Coach says Vince is getting rid of his biggest pain in the butt of all time. King says many people will not be happy to see this tonight.

Vince starts by saying history is being made in the ring tonight, as it will be the last night HBK graces the squared circle in the WWE again. Tonight marks the official retirement of Shawn Michaels. So without further to do, let me introduce to you, for the vary last time, here is the shower stopper, the icon, the main event, the heartbreak kid, the single biggest pain in the ass I have ever experienced in my live, here is Shawn Michaels .


HBK s music plays and out comes Shawn in a suit. Joey says Vince must have liked the money HBK made him over the years. Shawn will not look Vince in the eye and has a smirk on his face. Vince wants to shake HBK s hand and when Shawn goes to do so, Vince pulls back. Crowd is chanting. HBK. Vince asks Shawn if this is what he wanted. Vince says through all of his accomplishments of HBK s in the WWE, he has put together a musical tribute. He is about to roll it, but Vince has something better. Vince says he has every wrestler from Smackdown and Raw about to come out and shake his hand, and as he is about to do that, he changes his mind again.

Vince is thinking. Because this is a special night, I flew up your family from San Antonio so they could be with you on this vary last night . Actually, Vince didn t do that. Vince said he didn t do it cause Shawn is special, and he should have an extraordinary tribute because of what he has accomplished.

Vince introduces Shawn Michaels' tribute, the Spirit Squad. King says this is an insult. 20 years have passed, now its time for you to kiss Vince s a** says the squad. They do a chant for HBK mocking him and spelling out his name. Vince says that was tremendous. Vince wants to know what is wrong with HBK. Did he not envision his last night in WWE with North Carolina red necks and 5 male men chanting his name? Vince says that is too damn bad, and asks Shawn to sign the papers.


Shawn is choked up and doesn t want to do it. He grabs a mic. Vince starts HBK, but crowd is chanting HBK and drowns him out. Look, I know I was not the easiest guy to deal with. But this is not what I want. I don t want to retire. Vince says cut Shawn s mic off. Vince says his mic will only work from now on. He wont listen to Shawn crap, he has listened to it for too damn wrong. Vince tells Shawn to sign the papers now. King says if he signs the papers, he is no longer part of the WWE. Shawn reads the papers and is about to sign but is hesitant. Crowd is chanting HBK. Vince is yelling at Shawn to do it, but he s looking at the fans, with tears in his eye. HBK decides not ot sign and stands back up pushing the papers to the others end of the table. HBK looks at Vince and shakes his head no, saying no way will he do it. Vince isn t happy. He says HBK wont get away with this, and that you don t say no to Vince McMahon.

Shawn grabs Vince s mic. Shawn says, I cant do it. I know that I said walking away was an option. But it s not! Its not! I love this job. To walk away from this ring, to walk away (shakes his head), to walk away from these people (crowd cheers), would be walking away from one of the greatest joys I have ever known and I am not going to do it! I don t know why you are doing to me Vince, but I am not going out this way .


Vince gets the mic back and says, you want to know why I am doing this. I am doing this Shawn cause you have something that I want, you have something I cant have. You have something money cant buy. You, you got that inner peace. You know who you are and what you want. I don t have that! I want it! Half the time I don t know who I am. I don t know what I want, except that I got an appetite for life and I want more, more, more! Vince s face is bright red.

He tells Shawn he has no idea what is like being Vince. I have an empire to run, Shawn. I have stockholders to answer too, a film division to get off the ground. Sponsors and hundreds of an employees to deal with. Vince goes and says My life is a nightmare!!! . Crowd chants you suck . Vince says Shawn will make that better, in a minute, as he will sign the papers. He says Shawn will sign them because he has too. See Shawn, I don t like people like you! I hate people like you! Vince wants what Shawn has, and he cant have it.

He yells at Shawn to sign the papers. Crowd chants HBK, and Vince gives Shawn a pen. Shawn goes and signs the papers with the fans booing, and then rips them in half. Crowd pops for this. Vince slaps Shawn. Shawn throws the chair and the table. Shawn is steaming and Vince just walks away. Coach asks where Vince is going.


Vince on the mic, Just a reminder, you tore up those papers, you opened the flood gates for your own personal hell! . No chance in hell plays, as Vince stairs down Shawn. Coach says this will get beyond personal. King says it is scary, as we go to break.

Once again get a No Way Out commercial for Undertaker vs. Kurt Angle.

We return with a Discretion is advised intro again, leading into moments ago, Shawn ripping up Vince s papers. Coach says he has never seen two men act this way before in his life. Coach says this was a mistake for HBK, King says HBK will weather the storm. Joey says HBK is a future hall of famer, and that leads to a major announcement.

We hear a We Want Bret promo, and we get a Bret Hart montage (should have put this on the DVD). Bret Hart is going into WWE Hall of Fame!!

Chris Masters s music hits and its time for the Masterpiece. Coach says what can go through Master s mind knowing he has a triple threat match next week. King says they couldn t have thought it would be an easy road to Mania, but this will be tough. RVD Music hits, and Joey says there is only one Mr. Monday Night, the greatest athlete not to be WWE Champion.

Coach says RVD wants to call him self Mr. Main Event at Mania. Masters throws RVD off the ropes and goes and shoulder blocks, taunting RVD. RVD with some quick kits on RVD, but Masters hits some knees to RVD s face. Masters send RVD off the ropes but he grabs on and hits a drop kick to Master s knee and a pair of boots ot the face. RVD with a over the top plancha leg drop on to Master s chest. RVD with a 1 count after a slingshot leg drop on the inside of the ring. Master s into the corner, goes for the monkey flip but Masters puts RVD on the corner. RVD with the cross body but Master s power slams him. Masters with an elbow to RVDs face, as announcers talk about the match for next week. Masters pounds on RVDs face and shoulder blocks him from the ring apron into the lap of the fans in the first row. Master s brings him in the ring and gets a 2 count. They are questioning Master s experience. Masters puts RVD in a torture rack. RVD reverses into a 2 count via sun set flip. Masters slams RVD and gets a 2. Slow pace at this point, as Masters goes for a neck lock on RVD. Masters goes to put RVD head first into the corner but RVD kicks out. They both get up and Masters starts punching Masters. Masters blows the reversal of the throw into the corner and they redo the spot. Springboard sidekick by RVD, followed by spinning heel kick. RVD up top with a leaping side kick. Rvd hits rolling thunder. King says RVD may have hurt his knee. RVD leaps to the top going for the 5 star, but masters crotcehs him on the top. Joey great move my masters . Masters pounds RVD with firsts at the top and goes for a top rope supple x but RVD powers out and headputs Mastesr. RVD kicks Masters in the head and goes for the 5 STAR FROG SPLASH. RVD gets the 3 count.


Rob Van Damn defeats Chris Masters via 5 Star Frog Splash

Joey says, RVD vs. Show vs. HHH next week. Replay shows RVD adjusting in mid air and going half way across ring to land the 5 Star. Crowd was quite for this match. King says this was RVDs biggest match of the year. Joey wants to know who he will face at Mania.

Jack, with a bouquet comes and knocks on Trish s door. It runs out to be Mickey James with a wig on. Jack Mickey, what are you doing here? He wants to know where Trish is. Mickey says she is waiting for Trish. Mickey says that she is Trish s best friend and friends share. She goes to kiss Jack, but Jack says no. He has only been with Trish for a few weeks. Mickey says if you like Trish so much, why are you hitting on me? Mickey starts yelling and flipping out saying Jack attacked her until a police officer comes and escorts Trish s new boyfriend out of the building. Mickey stops yelling (including saying he attacking me, and she has pulled off the wig at this point) and has a deranged smile, circa old school Mankind from his original WWE run.

Discretion is still advised on Raw. We see highlights of Dancing from the Stars with Stacy Kiebler. Stacy says she is having a blast doing this. Stacy got a perfect 30 score. Some of the other competitors say that Stacy is a freak show .


Mickey is crying again with a cop and Trish enters the room. She says Jack attacked her when Mickey was waiting for her. She says Jack pushed her against the wall and gives the reversal story of everything Mickey said to Jack. The cop says he saw the whole thing and it is true. Trish apologizes to Mickey and says she is sorry. Mickey says she is happier it happened to her and not Trish.

We get a promo for Flair vs. Shelton Benjamin next week for the IC title. Also, next week, Road to Mania Main Even ends, RVD vs. Big Show vs. HHH. But who will be the champion? King says it all started at New Years Revolution and this history will culminate tonight. We get a montage going back to Edge beating Cena at the PPV with his Money in the Bank. Same promo they used at Rumble in the beginning, leading into the same promo from the night after on Raw with the Rumble highlights. We see the Raw from that night when Lita hit Edge with the WWE Title, followed my Maria s interview from last week. We then see highlights from the Maria/Cena vs. Edge/Lita match from last week and then Foley coming out to be the guest referee for tonight s match.

Foley s car crash music hits and out comes the special guest referee. Coach says he wont call it down the middle tonight. King says he hopes they wont have a nice day. We have 20 minutes left so this should be long, but we are going to commercial first.


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We get a WWE 24/7 Promo including Vader vs. Sting, Razor shows up on Nitro and midget wrestling.

Discretion is advised, as we return.

Foley is still in the ring waiting, as Edge comes out with Lita and they pose on the ramp. Coach says Edge is the next WWE Champion. Styles says there is no reason why they wouldn t have Foley call this down the middle. Out comes Cena, to a big pop.

Edge leaves the ring while Cena is hyping up the crowd. Foley holds WWE Title over his head, Joey says he is a 3 time champion. Edge comes back in the ring. Coach says Edge wants to prove he isn t transitional. Bell rings and they lock up. Cena backs edge into corner, then they reverse and Cena into the corner. The battle for position and Cena has Edge in a side headlock. Crowd chants for Cena. Cena into ropes and hits a shoulder block and tries to get a quick count for a one. Cena sends edge into the corer and side body but only gets a 2. Cena puts edge in a chin lock. Coach says we may see a 4th face of Foley Tonight. Edge battles out and sends Cena into ropes, Cena reverse sand Edge slides to the outside. Lita attends to Edge, as we go to commercial break with 13 minutes left.


We return after getting another warning, and Cena has Edge in a 2 count. Edge gets out and retreats to the corner. They are slow to get up but Edge is up first. We see that Edge gave Cena a closeline during the break. Edge goes to throw Cena into the corner but Cena reverses and hits a fisherman s Suplex for a 2 count. Cena puts Edge back into a chin Edge powers out and gets into the ropes, Foley tell shim to release and he does. Edge hits Cena after he releases, and a standing drop kick gets Edge a 2 count. Edge nails a kick to Cena s gut while he was getting up and then plays to the crowd. Cena starts to battle back but Edge nails him as he comes off the rope with a fist. Crowd is chanting Cena. In the corner, edge puts Cena on the top buckle. Cena fights back and Edge throws more punches and goes up top. Looking for a Suplex, but Cena hits him. He throws Edge off but Edge comes back and hits him in the face. Edge tries again to Suplex, but Cena throws him off. Cena with a top rope slash on edge for a 2 count., Coach says Cena just got back from India on a promotional tour, and it took something out of him. Cena chops and elbows edge in the corner. Cena with a snap Suplex for a 2 count. Edge motions to Lita to take the padding off the buckle, and Cena nails Edge. Foley see this on the titan tron and tellers her to put it back in place, which she does. Cena is standing in the ring and Foley ejects Lita. He ejects her by saying bang bang . Cena waves goodbye to Lita. na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye . Lita isn t happy, and Edge just realized what happened, as we go to another commercial break&


Cena gets out of the sleeper hold and a shoulder block by Cena. Edge gets back up and runs to the ropes, but a modified belly-to-back suplex by Cena. Cena goes for the cover, 1... 2, but a kickout by Edge. Edge gets back up and a clothesline by Edge. Edge climbs the top rope, Cena climbs the rope but Edge catches him into a powerbomb, 1,2 but Foley broke the count because Edge had his feet on the rope. Cena went for the FU, but Edge reversed it into the Edgecutionner, 1,2 but Cena kicked out. Foley gets knocked out by accident. Cena does the STFU and Edge is tapping, but no referee. Lita comes in and hits Cena. Cena gets up, but Edge attacks him from behind. Lita gives the WWE title to Edge and Edge nailed Cena with it. Edge covers, Fopley is back up, 1,2, but he kicked out. Edge goes on the top rope, Edge jumps and Cena catches him and delivers the FU for the win.

Winner: Still WWE Champion, John Cena

After the match, Lita low blowed Foley and Edge speared him.