AJ Styles Update, TNA Action Figures, Lethal Lockdown, & More

TNA has some news up about the latest set of action figure lines that will be released with a CD-ROM of the actual PPV match in a 2-pack set featuring Jeff Hardy vs. Abyss, Jeff Jarrett vs. Monty Brown and Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles. A set of masks for Sting, Abyss and Shark Boy are also in the works as well.

Ross Forman has a new "Outside The Ring" interview up with Austin Aries. To check it out, visit https://www.tnawrestling.com/news/fullnews2.php?all=569.

Bill Banks has a column up taking a look at the big Lethal Lockdown match featuring Sting's Army vs. Jeff Jarrett's army. To check it out, visit https://www.tnawrestling.com/news/fullnews2.php?all=562.

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