Andy Douglas Speaks On WWE/TNA Competition, Bret Hart & More had the opportunity to interview TNA superstar Andy Douglas! He was a great guest speaking on several topics. Below is the interview:

Interview With: Andy Douglas
Interview By: Andy Steven
Date: March 29, 2006

Andy Steven: Firstly I would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to take part in this interview for

How long you have been in the business and who helped train you into pro wrestling?

Andy Douglas: 7 years. Killer Kurt trained me but I had a lot of help from others as well.

Andy Steven: How did you get in contact with TNA or how did TNA approached you for you to still currently be with the promotion?

Andy Douglas: I was living in Nashville and would just go to the shows. Being seen at the shows and making a name for myself in that area helped them to discover me and give me my shot.

Andy Steven: You had tight relationship with Chris Candido and he always gave everything to a match whether he was facing someone or being your manager, what are your thoughts on him and do you have anything to say about him?

Andy Douglas: He was a true professional and a true friend. I could go on all day about Chris, but I'd rather just keep it short. He will always be remembered and missed.

Andy Steven: What was it like winning, holding and losing the TNA Tag Titles?

Andy Douglas: It was a huge accomplishment as well as a huge honor. The company believed in us and trusted that we could uphold the titles and we did. It sucks to loose them, but you can't be champion forever.

Andy Steven: What has been your most memorable or favorite storyline you have been involved in TNA?

Andy Douglas: Although it was short, our stint with Chris.

Andy Steven: What impact if any do you think the former WWE stars in TNA has given, if any?

Andy Douglas: Some have helped and some have not. It does help to have name recognition on the show and it's nice for the guys to come in level headed and be cool with everyone. Then again, you have some who have the chip on their shoulder, but thats cool because they don't last long.

Andy Steven: Are there any road trip stories which you can tell us, anything funny that s happened backstage with the TNA crew or any pranks?

Andy Douglas: For some reason, some mean trickster keeps putting ice in senior official Rudy Charles' bag.

Andy Steven: Who would you wrestle in your dream match and what match type and stipulation would it be?

Andy Douglas: I would have loved for Chase and I to have been able to wrestle Bret and Owen. There are a lot of similarities and I think it would be a match the fans would love to see.

Andy Steven: If you could work with anyone in the WWE who would it be?

Andy Douglas: MNM

Andy Steven: What is your biggest goal you plan to accomplish in 2006?

Andy Douglas: Tag Team Gold

Andy Steven: What are your thoughts on the possibility of TNA going head-to-head with the WWE?

Andy Douglas: Bring it on. Competition will only help out the wrestling industry as a whole.

Andy Steven: What do you think about TNA moving to Thursday night s on Spike TV? Possible competition for WWE?

Andy Douglas: Hopefully it will allow..... To read the complete Andy Douglas interview where he reveals much more on his career, TNA, WWE and his future click here.