Ashley Massaro Update, WrestleMania, Rey Mysterio, & More

Ashley Massaro has posted several blog entries in the last few days on her MySpace page. She also posted several photos of herself on crutches.

WWE announced that Joey Styles and Josh Matthews will be hosting "Bacon, Bagels & Biceps Brunch" on WrestleMania morning. Road Warrior Animal, Jimmy Hart, Maria, Ken Kennedy, and Orlando Jordan, among others are confirmed to appear.The Brunch has been part of WrestleMania weekend since 1988's Wrestlemania IV in Atlantic City.

WWE released a press release today announcing that Michelle Williams will be performing America the Beautiful at WrestleMania 22 and that POD will perform Rey Mysterio's entrance theme at the PPV this Sunday.

This week s WWE Velocity is devoted to matches featuring WWE Hall of Famers including Wrestlemania 13's Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin, Bret Hart vs. Ted DiBiase and Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero winning the WWE Tag Team championships.