Axl Rotten Found; In Rehab, Chyna Update, Moore's WWE Return, More is advertising Shannon Moore vs. Super Crazy for the Cruiserweight Title for the 4/9 House Show for Grand Rapids, MI. Hmmm.

We have received word that at the IWA Mid-South show over the weekend, Ian Rotten and Jim Fannin both did commentary stating that Axl Rotten has been found, and is currently in rehab.

Joanie Chynna Laurer, the star of "Illegal Aliens", "Fame Games" & "The Last Guy on Earth" is now considering an offer to star in a new horror movie through Touchstone Pictures this summer. Currently Ms. Laurer is in Vegas filming for a new VH1 production and will be making the media rounds again this summer. "Just Another Romantic Wrestling Comedy", starring Nicole Brier, Aaron Fiore, April Hunter, Don Frye & Joanie Laurer is looking at a June/July 2006 release.