Backstage Fight Involving The Dicks, JBL, Benoit, & More

It now looks like The Dicks release from WWE may have stemmed from more than simply running out of dick jokes .

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that before The Dicks were released, Chad was getting ribbed really bad backstage by JBL for a while. He then did something which made Undertaker, JBL, Chris Benoit, and Kid Kash call for a pre-trial meeting with him. Chad was so scared that he snuck out of the bathroom and accidentally locked them all in, which made Chad even more nervous. They eventually got out when Orlando Jordan unlocked the door, and laughed it off.

Chad was apparently panicking and crying to James Dick, and was seen by others doing this which made his ribbing even worse right when they were about to leave him alone.

James, being Chad s partner, was grouped in with him and had Chad s heat rub off on him. James obviously was not happy about this. Somehow, things lead to them being told to settle it, and were put up against each other. Chad tried to joke his way out of it and threw a worked punch at James, then James punched him twice, legit, which ended the fight.

Chad had a badly busted lip, and James needed stitches in his hand.

From that point on, it was clear to most that they were done with the company.