Batitsa Speaks On HHH's Ego, Brock Lesnar, TNA & More

Credit: Matys

Dave Batista was in Cologne, Germany last Thursday. After the press conference he took the time to talk to us. Batista was pretty tired and fell asleep when we met him. Here are some highlights of the interview, which took about 20 minutes:

He liked his time in Ohio Valley Wrestling and mentioned how green he was coming to WWE. The toughest thing still is being apart from his home and his family. When he worked for OVW he was able to go home every night. That isn't possible no more. But, he wouldn t change his life right now. He s pretty happy and thankful for each day.

He laughed about the internet questions about his "real age". It d make him crazy, he said. He was born in 1969 and he wanted to show us his passport to prove it.

One of his best friends still is D-Von Dudley. He learned a lot from D-Von in the beginning of his WWE career, especially concerning life on the road.

Asked about a Brock Lesnar feud, which never happened, he said he would have loved to. Back in 2002/2003 he wasn t ready for this. But now, if there would be any chance he d push the office for it to take place at a WrestleMania. It probably be the kind of match WWE wanted to have with the big line up of Lesnar vs. Goldberg at WrestleMania XX. He still hopes that one day it might happen, but not this year he joked and laughed again.

He enjoyed his time with Evolution and thought that it brought a lot of old fans back to the business. Evolution, originally four of them, were pretty cool. Being compared to the IV Horsemen would have been such a huge honor. While his time in Evolution not only he made good friends with Triple H and Ric Flair, but he also learned a lot from both of them and thinks they might be the best in the business ever.

Being World Heavyweight Champion was the thrill of his life. A lot of emotions were set free at WrestleMania 21 after his victory, when he finally noticed how much trust the company put into him. He enjoyed being a heel but being the champion is the biggest thing he ever had in his career. Batista mentioned that he never thought about being the #1 in WWE, never in his wildest dreams!

Asked about Triple H s ego Batista started laughing and took it with humor. Dave said that many people wouldn t understand how hard it is carrying the company and that Triple H knows what s good for the business. He isn t that selfish, as many people would say. Triple H knows business and that he could stand the pressure in relation to other guys from the past. Hunter s got all the elements you need being a successful World Champion. He couldn t say anything bad about him whatsoever.

Batista also talked about TNA being a possible serious competitor to WWE. He d wish that would happen. TNA has got a lot of talent but their problem is their low budget, which keeps them from being a serious competitor so far. He wishes them all the best and competition would always be the best for the business. He understands that some of his friends left WWE and went to TNA, because many of them needed to in order to feed their family and make a living. It might be selfish saying it, but he wants Christian back to WWE. Christian is still one of his best friends and many people underrate his talent. Batista hopes TNA builds anything around him because Christian is great worker and very creative. He s so happy for him being in the spotlight right now and wishes him and TNA all the best.