Big Bill Goldberg/TNA Update; Dixie Carter Interview

Thanks to reader NeanderCarl for sending this in:

Last Friday's edition of the Daily Star newspaper in the UK featured an interview with Dixie Carter. Lots of typical hype in the article, and interesting comments about the possibilities of Goldberg working with TNA:

"Goldberg has been talking about us. We've not been talking about him. We're in a good position to have talent interested in participating, although we currently have a great roster and it's their time to shine."

"It's critically important. Some of these guys have been with us since day one, could have gone to our competitor and didn't. We want people to become invested in our characters and product."

So it seems perhaps TNA aren't all that interested in Goldberg, despite what he has been saying. Unless of course Ms Carter is trying to swerve us?