Big TNA Update: Sting News, Raven Update And Much More


Raven has a new journal on his official website noting his thyroid issues and some other topics. He mentions no set timetable for his return as TNA management is sitting on bringing him back due to general unhappiness with his demeanor and attitude during the latter part of his last storyline run.


TNA producer Dave Sahadi has written a non-wrestling book titled "Last Call of the Gods."

Samoa Joe is scheduled to be featured on the cover of this month's Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine.

Adam Lebow sent the following clarification of the WGN-CW Network note I mentioned over the weekend....I saw your mention of WGN in Chicago becoming a CW affiliate. WGN-TV Chicago and WGN Superstation no longer carry 'Network' programming from WB (or CW in the future). While WGN Superstation does air WGN-TV content such as the WGN-TV nightly news and some of the syndicated and sports programing, none of the WB programming such as Charmed, 7th Heaven or the WB Sunday Evening Movie airs on the Superstation. A quick look for tonight's programming shows that at 8pm tonight, Superstation WGN will be airing 24, while WGN-TV will be airing the movie 8 Mile. The change occured in 1999 For Canadian viewers, the WGN-TV feed and not the Superstation feed is distributed nationally, so that would have been the only market that would have had ran into an issue. In Chicago, unless you have a satellite, you are unable to acquire the WGN Superstation feed over the air or on cable. Just thought that I would clarify the issue for you, as if TNA had signed a deal with Superstation WGN, it would have had no impact on WGN-TV Chicago.


TNA superstar Sting was featured on the Los Angeles Daily News last weekend. He discussed his faith as well as his return to wrestling as part of TNA. Regarding his new home, he said, "TNA is a lot cleaner than the other popular wrestling companies, and that's something that's important to me because the others are pushing the envelope too far with sexual storylines and things like that," he said. "We're going prime time on the Spike TV network in April, so we'll see what happens. We'll see how much I have left in me."

Sting also added that had a painkiller and alcohol problem in the late 1990s stemming from his in-ring injuries, commenting,"I severed a tendon in my knee. I detached a pectoral muscle. I broke ribs and ankles and separated my shoulders. I was just in so much pain I couldn't sleep. That's what happens from years on the road and two knee operations and two elbow operations. I started taking a lot of painkillers and muscle relaxers – plus alcohol – and that's what started it all." He said his faith in God helped him move away from his problems, which led to a lot of the motivational appearances he makes today.

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