Big WrestleMania **SPOILER** Information

Erik Roth sent this, which leads one to believe that Triple H will be winning the title at WrestleMania:

This is a transcript of the Backlash promo.

(Triple H) At Backlash, The Game begins
(HBK) At Backlash, There is no tomorrow
(Big Show) At Backlash, You can't run
(Chavo) At Backlash
(Flair) At Backlash
(Carlito) At Backlash, The future starts
(RVD) The questions end
(Edge) At Backlash
(Kane) I will find you
(Edge) Destroy you
(Chris Masters) At Backlash, I'll make you suffer
(Voice) At Backlash
(Shelton) At Backlash
(John Cena) At Backlash, I'll take what's mine

Jason Head sent this, which could just be that Angle is the champ now so they pictured him with the belt.

During SNME, a commercial aired locally for WWE's return to Cincinnati, OH to tape Smackdown on May 25. They announced a Cage match for the World Heavyweight Championship with Kurt Angle v. Randy Orton v. Rey Mysterio. I don't know if it means anything regarding WrestleMania or not, but the commercial showed Angle with the belt.