Hulk Hogan On If Vince McMahon Told Him To Take Steroids, Richard Belzer Incident, More

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Hulk Hogan was on The Howard Stern Show with his daughter Brooke this morning on Stern's popular Sirius show and it was an interview like none other in Hogan's celebrity career. It was an absolutely phenomenal interview.

They began by talking about his connection with Bubba The Love Sponge and moved on to Hulk's seeming obsession with Brooke's career. Hogan tried to sidetrack Stern by talking about wrestling and how he knows how guys are, but of course Howard slammed Hogan about Brooke and his input in her career. It started getting feisty when Howard asked Hulk if he really believed Brooke was a virgin and Hogan threatened to walk out until Brooke said she still was and it's OK, and yes she is a virgin.

They talked about Brooke's dating Aaron Carter and how it went nowhere. Howard felt Brooke might eventually rebel against Hogan and his overbearing nature. Hogan said Howard really started to make him sweat with all this talk in front of his daughter and compared her to Jessica Simpson and how she wound up bored of one man and divorced him so she could experience life.

Howard then went on to Hogan's son Nick and wondered if Nick was treated differently. Hogan called Nick in. They discussed Nick's life as opposed to Brooke and how Hogan was hypocritical for smiling at Nick's alleged sexual behavior at 15 but against Brooke having relations at almost 18. They moved on to Hulk and asked if he lives through his son because it's been years since Hogan was free (he is married for 22 years to Linda). He said his sex life with his wife was wild and he was very happy with one woman.

They talked about a time Hogan left the intercom on during sex and his kids laughed while telling the story while Hogan cringed. Linda came in and admitted that she has breast surgery because "everything needs to be big in Hoganland".

They goofed on Bubba working out with Hogan and talked about their history and how Hogan bought him a gym and Bubba lost 200+ pounds.

They moved on to wrestling and his on/off relationship with Vince McMahon and how Vince had the vision that Vince Sr. didn't (Sr. fired Hogan for filming Rocky III). They spoke about the steroid trial and Hogan admitted he took steroids and said Vince did not push steroids or supply them to wrestlers but they were everywhere anyway.

They talked about Hogan shaving his whole body and how he taught Bubba his technique and how Hogan shaves everywhere including private areas. Hogan could not believe this conversation was happening on the radio, especially as his children being there.

Hogan tried to get it back to his friendship with Vince and they discussed steroids some more. Hogan said baseball players have been doing it for 20+ years as well and he said it was a lot more widespread (80%) at one time than others admit. Hogan mentioned they need to focus more on legit sports regarding supplements than a worked sport like wrestling and either let them all use it or make sure none of them do.

Howard asked Hogan about his earnings and he mentioned his WWE heyday and Turner/NWO years as very lucrative. Robin Quivers asked if Hogan will go back to WWE and Hogan said he will be there the day before and, like last year, might wind-up in the ring at Mania.

They spoke about Linda and Hogan first meeting and their early sex life and Hogan shut up while Linda talked about everything. Artie asked if Linda slept with Andre The Giant as a joke and they mentioned Hogan looked like he was getting really angry. Howard brought up the fact that if Hogan puts his family on TV then he should expect that. Hogan said he only expects this type of interview on Stern.

Bubba called in and he was kidded and asked if he was attracted to Brooke. Bubba got slightly pissed and said that was out of line and that he is like an uncle to her. Howard asked if Hogan would allow Bubba to date Brooke and Hogan mentioned he would hope it would never happen because of his friendship with Bubba, and Bubba agreed. Howard got Bubba so nervous he started stammering and Hogan so nervous that sweat was pouring down his face.

They plugged Hogan Knows Best and how Howard loved it. Howard asked how it was to have cameras around and Hogan admitted he played to the camera a lot during the first year but this year is more natural. Brooke said one of VH-1's crew saw her naked by mistake and did not knock a few times and Hogan said "I will f'n kill him". Brooke admitted she thought he did it on purpose and Hogan went off. They talked about after a night out that the camera crew filmed Linda grabbing Hogan's "package" and that VH-1 hire-ups edited it out.

Howard asked if Linda would allow another girl in their bed and she said that because he is Hulk Hogan, they need to be careful of the image and Hogan said, "Well we wouldn't be doing it in the ring," which got a laugh.

They moved on to phone callers and discussed how one of the Viva La Bam crew from MTV grabbed Brooke's boobs last year at an award show and Hogan basically cracked him in the head. Howard backed Hogan because you "don't grab" and definitely don't at the age of 16.

They goofed on Hogan's music career and played some of the CD and goofed on it heavily (lyrics like, "I used to tear my shirt, but now you tore my heart"). Hogan mentioned the song they played "Hulk In Heaven" was about a terminally ill child Hogan knew and he donated the proceeds to his family. They talked about Hogan growing up in a tough neighborhood and Hogan working on the docks and it's a miracle how his life is now. Hogan spoke about how his brother was a Hells Angel but now passed away due to drugs and said he could have easily gone that route but wanted more for himself.

Robin asked about the Richard Belzer incident (Google it if you do not know about it) and that Belzer conned them into doing the show by saying children in wheelchairs would be there. Belzer said wrestling was all fake and Hogan talked about how he took it too far by applying more pressure to Belzer than he should have and that the back of his head was bleeding. That ended what was an incredible and insightful interview.