Brooke Hogan Shoots On Jessica Simpson

Brooke Hogan, the daughter of Hulk Hogan and co-star on "Hogan Knows Best," recently had some unflattering words for Jessica Simpson.

"A lot of people think that celebrities are fake and a couple of them are," said Brooke to the NY Daily News. "Like that one [Jessica Simpson] who just went though a major breakup."

She continued, "I didn't hit it off with her. And then there's her sister [Ashlee Simpson]. Ugh. They're both fake."

Brooke, who also called Jessica Simpson pompous, is, however, a fan of Simpson's former lover Nick Lachey.

"I would have to say Nick Lachey [is the hottest guy in Hollywood]. Not just because of his looks. He's got a beautiful heart, and he's so genuine," she said.