Candice Michelle/Playboy, RAW News, SD vs. RAW 06 & More have once again updated their CAW section with several new wrestler CAWS for the latest WWE game SmackDown vs. RAW 2006, which now includes TNA stars and former WWE stars. For those who want to see these CAWS click here.

Candice Michelle's April 2006 Playboy magazine is now out in stores, according to each copy is priced at $5.99. The magazine features 11 photos of Candice, some with a golden outfit on, others with a black outfit, and then some are completely nude. These photos have already been leaked online, have them photos up.

WWE has announced that John Cena and Triple H will have their WrestleMania 22 contract signing on RAW tonight.

Shelton Benjamin defending the IC Title against Rob Van Dam has also announced for the show.