Carlito Speaks On WrestleMania Main Event, Divas & More

Show: Sky Sports News (UK)
Guest: Carlito
Date: March 16, 2006
Recap by: Andy Steven of

WWE RAW Superstar Carlito was special guest on Sky Sports News in the UK earlier today, in order to promote WrestleMania 22. The whole interview looked to be gimmicked. Below is a recap:

Carlito said that he was looking forward to leaving London tomorrow and getting on his plain to Miami.

He mentions that Triple H vs. John Cena for the Championship will be the main event for WrestleMania 22. He goes on to say that he will be teaming with Chris Masters, and that Masters is an idiot, he also adds that he will win the tag team titles at WrestleMania.

Carlito was asked how he will be preparing for to team with Masters at WrestleMania, he replies that he doesn t need to prepare. He said he trains a little and just does weights and some running, because when you re Carlito, you don t need much training.

He was asked who he thinks the greatest WWE Word Champion was. Carlito replied that he will be once he wins the title. The Sky Sports team then asks him who his friends in the WWE are; he said that no one is his friend because everyone is jealous of him because of his hair, his skills and because he gets all the ladies.

The Sky Sports team asked him about his hair and how does he grows it, he replied that it s natural and when he wakes up in the morning he fluffs up the side he sleeps on so it s fine for the day.

Carlito said WWE didn t create his character, he said that Carlito isn t a character, it s near enough Carlito.

He said that Trish Stratus hits on him frequently however he has to turn her down and he doesn t like any of the WWE Divas. The Sky Sports interviewer I think didn t know Christy Hemme is no longer with WWE and asked, he if likes Christy because he does too, Carlito said that he couldn t say what he thinks of Christy but he would have to turn her down too.

The Sky Sports team asks what fans have to do if they want to be cool ; Carlito replied that if they want to be cool, act like him and look like him. He then goes on to say that being a wrestler is not for everyone.

Carlito says the toughest and most dangerous wrestler he has faced is Carlito and that he d have to use all of his wrestling moves to try and break someone like himself down.

He was asked who dresses him; he replied that he comes up with all dress codes.

Carlito was asked about the British Bulldog, Carlito replied that he was a pansy and that he wishes that he was still about.

Sky Sports then asked him when he will win the Championship, Carilto said that it wasn t far away, one week after WrestleMania he will be Champion or whenever he wants it, he will get it.