Carlito Update, Triple H/Cena Street Fight, WWE & More


Over at the ITV website in the UK, features an article on Carlito being in the UK. They continually refer the company as The WWF.

A number of WWF talent contracts from WrestleMania 11 are up for auction on Ebay for those interested. On sale are the contracts for Pamela Anderson, Steve McMichael, Reggie White, Chris Spielman, Jenny McCarthy and Joe Walsh, whose appearance was later nixed by Vince McMahon.

WWE Inc. has filed for a new trademark for 'WWE' and the description they gave was "Entertainment services, namely, a music company working with popular music across all media platforms, including film, television, radio, the Internet, ring tones, video games, and emerging digital technologies".

During last night s WWE Saturday Night's Main Event, there was a WWE commercial for the RAW in Milwaukee on April 10. They announced that the main event would be HHH vs. Cena for the title in a street fight.